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Campus Ministry Events and Activities



The retreat program at La Salle offers students a chance to reflect, discern, pray, play, and make new friends. You owe it to yourself to take a breather and renew, which is why we provide ample opportunities for Explorers from all walks of life. A general retreat is open to all undergraduate students, while retreats specific to women, individuals of different faiths, the Lenten season, and more help participants focus on targeted themes.

Many retreats are hosted away from campus during weekends, such as the Hope Retreat, which is spent at the beautiful Gretna Glen Camp and Retreat Center. The Winter Ski Retreat, a La Salle tradition, is especially popular and enables participants to even spend time on the slopes.

If you have questions or would like to go on a retreat, please contact Laura Cilia, Campus Minister, at or (215) 951-1387.



Come join fellow members of La Salle’s community to celebrate Evensong, a weekly opportunity reflect, relax, and socialize.

Evensong takes place in the De La Salle Chapel. Greeting the evening by candlelight, every service features a student’s personal reflection, burning incense, and moving music. Refreshments are provided.

If you are interested in sharing a reflection, please contact Laura Cilia, Campus Minister, at


De La Salle Chapel Choir

Music ministry brings life and joy to the liturgical mass.  The De La Salle Chapel Choir are singers and musicians that use their gifts to give praise and inspire fellow La Salle community members.

Whether you are a singer or play a musical instrument, all are welcome to join! Enrollment is always open and no auditions are required. Come to sing, pray, make new friends, and lead others to God through music.

If you are interested in offering your talents, please contact Laura Cilia, Campus Minister and Choir Director, at