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Chapel Reservation Form

Before completing this form you should obtain a letter from either of your pastors (if both of you are Catholic) or from the pastor of the Catholic being married allowing you to be married at La Salle University. If an annulment is involved, that paperwork must also be presented before a date will be set.                 

Once the letter is in your hand you can call 215-951-1048 to verbally set a date.  Once that is done you should complete the following information and send it along with a non-refundable deposit to the address below.

All fields must be filled in and legible.  You may fill out the form online below or download the full form online at this link and mail a hard copy along with the deposit to:

La Salle University

De La Salle Chapel

1900 West Olney Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19141

Please note that if you fill out the form online, the check for your deposit must be mailed to this address.

[form form-38]