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Weddings at La Salle

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La Salle University, in accordance with Archdiocese of Philadelphia policies, allows Catholic weddings in the De La Salle Chapel and the Saint Joseph Chapel.

Present members of the La Salle University community (faculty, staff and students) and alumni of the University are eligible to celebrate their weddings on campus. Either the Bride or Groom must be Catholic. (One of the couple being married must be Catholic but not necessarily the one with the connection to the University.)

Couples must arrange for their wedding at least six months in advance.   Weddings may be celebrated on Friday evening, Saturday and with special permission on Sundays.  Weddings are not celebrated on Campus between August 15 and September 10, the first weekend of October, Thanksgiving Break, between Christmas and New Years and between May 10th and 20th. Other dates in any given year may also be blocked out when significant University events are happening.  Please be aware that other events may be happening on campus when a wedding is being celebrated.

Couples interested in having a wedding on campus should read the La Salle Wedding Handbook.   This outlines all of our policies and procedures.  Please follow the guidelines inside the Handbook to schedule your wedding.

There are two Chapels on La Salle University’s Campus; the De La Salle Chapel and the St. Joseph Chapel.

The De La Salle Chapel (pictured above) is the main student Chapel.  It comfortably seats 250 people.  If increased seating is required, you will need to make separate arrangements for chairs.  This will be an extra cost.  The De La Salle Chapel is a modern space with charm and intimacy, and it is air conditioned.   The Chapel has a baby grand piano.

The Donation for the use of the De La Salle Chapel is $750.00 with a non-refundable $300 deposit due within 30 days of setting your date.

The St. Joseph Chapel is the smaller University Chapel.  It is an intimate space that seats a maximum of 40 people.  The seating here cannot be increased.  The space has an organ and a state of the art electric piano.

The donation for the St. Joseph Chapel is $300.00 with a non-refundable $100 deposit due within 30 days of setting your date.


Chapel Reservation Form

Presider Information Form

La Salle Wedding Handbook