Our Lasallian Heritage

John Baptist de La Salle founded in 1680 the entity that was to one day become known as the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. This new form of apostolic religious life has developed over three centuries. The Institute places a specific commitment on the educational service of those who are poor and marginalized. Presently, as a part of the Lasallian network, the Brothers and their Lasallian Partners* operate schools, universities and other centers of education in 77 countries on six continents, serving nearly 1 million students. This network currently includes sixty-three Lasallian higher education institutions.

The founding story and vision of De La Salle and his first Brothers influences La Salle University’s vision and mission today. Brothers and Lasallian Partners have played a significant role in the growth and evolution of the University.

Although La Salle has grown and changed to meet the evolving needs of our students and our times, our Lasallian Catholic heritage remains a constant, nurturing our institution into a community rooted in the Catholic intellectual and social teaching traditions. These traditions inspire us to integrate scholarship from across the various academic fields in an effort to understand the world around us in ways that bring people closer in relationship to the transcendent.

Today, La Salle University remains committed to the values of the Gospel and the founding story and vision of Saint La Salle. Those values remain integral to how we understand our Catholic identity and informs us in how we continue our Lasallian educational mission.


*Lasallian Partners are men and women, married and single, women and men religious who belong to other institutes, diocesan priests and deacons who share responsibility with the Brothers for the Lasallian educational mission.