Office for Mission

Welcome to the webpage for the Office for Mission at La Salle University. The Office for Mission reports directly to the University President and serves as an advisor on and originator of programs and activities intended to preserve the Lasallian and Catholic character of the University.

Responsibilities of the Office are primarily directed toward developing partners in mission: raising awareness, understanding and commitment to the Lasallian charism among faculty and staff. Mission preservation initiatives that deal primarily with students are largely the responsibility of the Office of University Ministry and Service and can be found via a link to its site under Lasallian Links on the menu to the left.

One of the six main themes of the University’s 2009 Strategic Plan, The Will to Excel, is “mission integration.”  By giving the issue a prominent place in its strategic plan, La Salle implicitly says the following:

  • It will continue to make Lasallian values a defining mark of the University;
  • It will preserve its identity and heritage through a partnership of Brothers, laymen and laywomen;
  • It will continue to place the needs of students at the center of its work;
  • It will give increased attention to structures required for the development of authentic community and shared purposes.

The University desires that its faculty, staff and students be inspired by the life of John Baptist de La Salle and to understand more widely his work and legacy.  The Office for Mission, therefore, helps to give focus to this aspect of La Salle and to bring together members of the community who can contribute to the mission.  The Office for Mission sponsors programs and activities with this end in mind.  It involves the La Salle community in the development of structures to preserve its heritage and values, teach students the connection between faith and life, and demonstrate the University’s commitment to the service of others.  The University is proud of its heritage and is fully engaged in preserving the essential characteristics that define the University as Lasallian.