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March 27, 2020

Important coronavirus update from La Salle University

To the University community:

An undergraduate student who is a resident of St. Miguel informed the University this evening that they have tested positive for the coronavirus disease called COVID-19.

The student is experiencing mild symptoms and is self-isolating off campus while in the care of a family member. This individual was on campus through March 20.

The University is in communication with Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health and has begun the process of contacting those who have had the most exposure to this individual. Please respect the privacy of this individual, even if you believe you know who the student is, so they can focus completely on their health.

Please remember you are encouraged to call a healthcare provider if you experience the following symptoms: fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing. Review best practices for preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Visit the University’s COVID-19 page for the latest announcements from La Salle.

Stay healthy and continue to support and respect one another.


Kate Ward-Gaus, M.S. Ed.
Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness