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Faculty and Staff Memorial

The History of the Memorial

An ad hoc committee for the commemoratory plaque held a number of meetings during the 1981-1982 academic year, which centered on discussion of criteria and of specific names that would be included on the plaque. The committee was chaired by Brother Gregory Paul Sprissler and included Brother Christopher Businsky, Dr. Joseph Flubacher, Dr. John Penny, and Brother Patrick Sheekey; Dr. Roland Holroyd served as a resource person. The activities of that committee included their forwarding to then-Provost Bro. Emery Mollenhauer a statement on criteria for inclusion and a listing of names. The committee also consulted with a number of present and past La Salle people in order to make sure that no one who fulfilled the criteria for inclusion would be omitted in the listing of names.

Over the following three decades, long-serving members of the University faculty and staff have been added to this memorial and have been recognized by colleagues at a memorial service held during the Fall semester.

The Criteria

The guidelines for recommending the inclusion of deceased members of the University community are straightforward:

  • Length of primary full-time service (at least 25 years)
  • Notable contribution to the welfare of the University
  • Unusual circumstances of service to the University, or
  • Interrupted service to the University due to disability or death

The Listings

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