Transfer Credit Policy for Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students

Transfer Credit Policy

La Salle University will review courses for transfer credit taken at other regionally accredited institutions where a grade of C or better was earned.  The maximum amount of transfer credits awarded cannot exceed 70.  Official college transcripts must be submitted in order for credits to be evaluated. 

Transferring Dual Enrollment Credit (A 3-year Pilot Program Beginning in Fall 2017):

Students who took courses in high school through a dual enrollment program (classes taught on high school campus and taken with other high school students through a participating college), must submit the following in order for their credits to be reviewed:

  1. Official College transcripts
  2. Validation of Credit Transfer Request Form which is to be completed and mailed by the Registrar at their transferring institution.  This form can be found online, as well as in the official acceptance packet.
  3. Course syllabus for each course taken

La Salle University reserves the right to deny transfer credit for coursework that does not have an appropriate equivalent or satisfy La Salle’s curriculum.

Login to Transferology to see how your courses will transfer, and contact us at 215-951-1400 or with any questions.

Click here for the form which must be used when transferring college-level courses taken while student is in high school to La Salle University.