Electronic Transcripts FAQ’s

  1. What is an Electronic Transcript and is it considered Official?
    An Electronic or e-Transcript is a digitally signed and secured PDF sent on behalf of La Salle University through the National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts delivered through the National Student Clearinghouse Server are considered Official as they are certified by a digital signature and contain security delivered by the Adobe®
  1. Who accepts Electronic transcripts?
    We suggest that you confirm with your recipient that they will accept electronic transcripts before you order one. Most Colleges and Universities will accept e-Transcripts today. You should ensure that you have the correct email address for delivery. Students can order e-Transcripts for themselves, but they are only considered Official in the PDF format, not printed.
  1. Will it last forever?
    The transcript will expire after thirty days and will no longer be able to view, this is for security purposes and should be considered when placing an order for an electronic transcript.
  1. How will I know if my e-Transcript has been sent and retrieved?
    You will receive an email separate e-mail notification informing you that the transcript has been retrieved by the recipient.
  1. I ordered an e-Transcript but the recipient never opened it or I sent to incorrect e-mail address. Can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, we cannot refund the cost of a transcript due to the recipient either not opening or not being able to open an electronic transcript. We recommend you first check with the recipient before ordering an electronic copy to make sure it’s safe to send.
  1. My transcript is blank or has errors on it, can this be corrected?
    To properly view an e-Transcript, it must be opened on a computer, not phone or tablet. The computer must have the latest version of Adobe® Acrobat or Reader. Instructions for downloading this free product will be included in the transcript order. Other PDF opening questions can be found through the National Student Clearinghouse’s link Browser Support & Viewing PDF Transcripts
  1. I would like to get an electronic copy of my transcript to attach to a job or scholarship application. Is that possible?
    We do not recommend this. Although the PDF can be attached, it will required a username and password to open on the other end. It is recommended that you check with the recipient before ordering an electronic transcript and have the e-Transcript delivered directly to their email address.