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October 14, 2020

Spring calendar, course registration, and modality details

To our University community:

As you know, La Salle University is planning for a return to an on-campus, residential experience for the Spring 2021 semester.

The forthcoming academic semester will include a mix of course modalities based on physical space constraints due to the classroom capacity guidance from the City of Philadelphia. We also are cognizant of and respectful to the learning preferences of our students and the needs of our faculty and staff for remote work accommodations.

For most programs, students will be able to choose an entirely remote learning experience. If you are having trouble building an entirely remote schedule, please contact your academic advisor for assistance.

Faculty who need to request an extension of an accommodation or make a new request for Spring must complete a request form from the Office of Human Resources. HR will be providing details later this week on this process.

Here is what you will need to know about the spring semester:

Course registration

For the Spring 2021 term, course registration is already under way.

Students, please begin contacting your advisors regarding advising appointments, if you have not already done so, in order to discuss spring courses and receive your registration pin. Non-traditional part-time evening and graduate students are asked to consult with their advisors or review their registration emails for more instruction. Be sure to clear any holds that restrict you from registering and review the schedule of available courses. Students are responsible for maintaining their course schedules, which includes making necessary adjustments in the event they wish to change modalities. Visit the Student tab in the MyLaSalle Portal for registration details and contact with any unresolved questions.

The Spring 2021 registration calendar is available in the MyLaSalle Portal, under the Students tab and in the Registration Tools section. This section also includes registration checklists for every student and explanations and definitions for course modalities.

Academic modalities

Each spring course listed in Br. LUWIS has been assigned a ‘schedule type,’ with a corresponding modality:

  • Lecture–F2F and Lab–F2F are face-to-face courses for which students will meet on campus and in-person.
  • Hybrid requires that the course is divided equally into components that are led in person and online (synchronous or asynchronous).
  • Staggered in-class attendance refers to courses for which classroom attendance will be staggered. Students will be present for in-person instruction on select days of the week, as determined by their instructor(s). The instructor(s) may choose to lead part of a course in-person and remotely to separate sections of the same course.
  • Remote with specific meeting times does not require face-to-face learning; however, these courses use an online platform such as Zoom to hold synchronous classes during every class session.
  • Online courses are led remotely and asynchronously, meaning they do not require specific meeting times.

Spring 2021 academic calendar

The spring semester begins Tuesday, Jan. 19. We have developed an academic calendar for spring that does not feature a spring break. This configuration will reduce or eliminate the need for members of our community to travel during the semester. Of note, the University’s Easter break has been extended to include Thursday, April 1.

We know this has been an unconventional and—in some cases, difficult—semester. We have heard from our students, citing the need for a reprieve built into the calendar. In place of the break, we have installed three academic enrichment days on which classes will not meet. These enrichment days will act like mental health days—opportunities for our students and Lasallian community to explore important topics like personal wellness and social justice. More information on these days will follow.

Winter intersession

With an extended winter recess, we have heard from many students who have an interest in enrolling in winter intersession courses. The University will offer many courses for undergraduate and graduate students at an accelerated pace. The winter intersession begins Dec. 21 and runs through Jan. 17. For select students, registration already has begun. Undergraduate day students planning to register for a winter intersession course must complete a permission and registration form.

The winter intersession provides opportunities for students to lighten their academic course load in the spring semester, make up a class, or fulfill an ILO requirement. I encourage our students to review the available courses, which include: virtual travel study—Irish-American experience; dynamics of race and ethnicity; sports analytics; and more.


Steven F. Siconolfi, Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs