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Last updated: 8/17/22

  • In accordance with Philadelphia Department of Public Health guidelines, Fall 2022 courses are offered primarily in a face-to-face modality.
  • Each course is assigned a specific delivery method (descriptions are below). The delivery modality for an individual course may not be changed by an instructor without the explicit written permission of the Dean and Provost.
  • Faculty office hours should proportionately reflect the course delivery method (e.g., if the course is 50% face-to-face and 50% online, office hours should generally also be 50/50).
  • The following guide will help you understand the delivery methods (Schedule Type) listed for the University’s courses:
    • Lecture–F2F and Lab–F2F refers to courses that will be delivered through face-to-face instruction in a classroom setting.
    • Hybrid requires that the course is divided equally into components that are led in person and online (synchronous or asynchronous).
    • Online courses are led remotely with specific meeting times and asynchronously, meaning they do not require specific meeting times.
    • Independent Study/Research refers to courses that may be delivered through face-to-face instruction in a classroom setting or remotely. Please consult instructor.
Academic policies and expectations
  • Attendance 
    • Students who are unable to attend class due to testing positive for COVID-19 should complete the COVID-19 Disclosure Form and contact their instructor(s) to determine how to participate and complete assignments. Students are responsible for any work missed due to illness, and faculty will find ways to make accommodations for a student who needs to isolate or quarantine.  
    • Faculty should consider adjusting their attendance policies to allow for student compliance with the Health Guidelines section of this plan, specifically, the directive to stay home when sick, and make this clear in their syllabi. 
  • Absence Notifications
    • The COVID-19 Response Team will send an excused absence notification to a student’s faculty member if they are required to isolate due to a positive test, upon request of the student. Respective faculty will also be notified when a student can return. 
Off-campus experiential learning
  • Students participating in internships, clinicals, student teaching, etc., will follow La Salle COVID-19 guidelines and any additional requirements noted by our outside partner. 
  • Community-engaged learning projects or coursework
    • Students participating in class-related field trips and other experiential learning opportunities will follow La Salle COVID-19 guidelines and any additional requirements made by state and local governmental bodies as well as the host institution. 
Visitors in the classroom
  • Classroom visitors, including guest speakers, will follow the guidelines set forth in the Events and Visitors section. Similarly, when La Salle faculty have been invited to serve as a guest speaker outside of the University (for example, at another university), they should abide by all health and safety protocols.