Dining on campus

  • The University and its dining partner are working together to align practices with the latest guidance for the safety of our students, employees, and partners. All on-campus dining facilities will follow CDC guidelines. Depending on the stage and current guidance in-person dining may or may not available so the University and its dining partner are currently also planning for a take-out model. The following changes are being implemented:
    • New, more flexible dining plans will be created for this academic year. This is currently in production and new pricing will be communicated once finalized. Reusable containers will be available to students, faculty, and staff and will be turned in and sanitized after every use. Containers are dispensed from a contactless and sanitized machine. A refundable deposit will be required to ensure accountability and reduce waste. Disposable utensils will be used.
    • The Union will be reconfigured to provide more robust and healthier grab-and-go offerings. Meal exchanges can be used.
    • Starbucks seating will be eliminated and line formation will be 6 feet apart, flowing out to lobby, if necessary. Floor markings will be utilized.
    • Other areas are being considered for distribution points for food services to alleviate high traffic areas. Benilde POD will have more options. Meal exchanges can be utilized across campus – with the exception of Saxbys. Gold Card is accepted at Saxbys, but not meal exchanges. Saxbys also offers promotional offerings and direct debit/credit card linkage.
    • Outdoor seating will be set up throughout campus and can be utilized, when weather permits.
    • The Union will have capacity monitors to ensure a smaller number of students, faculty, staff at any one point in time. Directional flows will be marked, as will physical distancing indicators.
  • In the event of in-person dining, areas will have lower capacity and tables will be situated to promote physical distancing.
    • Dining personnel will follow enhanced health and safety measures. Temperature checks and symptom monitoring will be performed as each employee reports to work. All employees will be trained with enhanced safety protocols, including identifying symptoms. Every 20 minutes, employees will wash hands, if not sooner dependent on activity. Masks will be properly worn at all times. Focus will be placed on minimizing interactions. Our partner will communicate regularly with the University should any cases or concerns arise
    • Our partner, in conjunction with the University team, is working on options for online ordering, and potentially a time reservation system. These are in development and more information will be communicated as they come to fruition.