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Employee guidance

Last updated: 8/17/2022

On-campus work reminders

Beginning Aug 9, 2021, La Salle employees without approved Section 504 workplace accommodations for personal health conditions were expected to return to in person work.

For the start of the Fall 2022 semester, the University is encouraging people to continue being thoughtful when planning meetings. If there is not sufficient room to accommodate the attendees safely, the meeting should be held virtually. Be respectful of the wishes of your meeting attendees and if one requests that people mask, please do.  Supplies of masks are readily available. When meeting or communicating with others in person, employees should closely follow the Health Guidelines section of this plan and be respectful of those around them.

Employees should monitor their symptoms daily and, if not feeling well, should communicate with their supervisor and stay home.

COVID-19 work-related accommodations

After July 16, 2021 the University will offer only Section 504 workplace accommodations for personal health conditions. Employees requesting workplace accommodations under Section 504 should follow the instructions in the Guidelines for Requesting Workplace Accommodations. Please note medical certification is required.

For any time off or short-term, temporary flex work arrangements that may be needed in the event that an employee or their household member contract COVID-19 or normal schedules are temporarily altered due to COVID-19, employees should work directly with their supervisor and refer to the Informal Job Flexibilities section of the Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

For updated information about the vaccination rate of our campus community, please refer to La Salle’s COVID-19 Dashboard.

New employees must complete the Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Status Certification Form and provide documentation of their COVID-19 vaccination or receive a formally approved exemption prior to starting work.

Employees are strongly encouraged to follow the CDC recommendations regarding boosters to the COVID-19 vaccine.  Employees are required to carry a mask with them at times and wear the mask if requested by others.

The Mandatory Vaccination and Temporary Employee Pandemic Response Policy can be found in the myLaSalle portal and offers additional information on the responsibilities of employees during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Questions can be referred to the Office of Human Resources at