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Employee guidance

Phased return for employees

  • As the University prepares for the return of students and the beginning of the Spring 2021 semester, we will gradually increase the number of employees who are working on-campus. The phased plan began in January by first bringing back to campus those who are responsible for preparing campus for the arrival of students. Divisional leaders will communicate with their department heads to determine in which phase of the plan specific offices and/or positions will return to campus.
    • Phase 1 (Target dates—Current): Continuation of current infrastructure and critical services such as Public Safety and Facilities. Other critical on-site Administrative and Business Operations, in full or limited as directed by their leadership.
    • Phase 2 (Target dates beginning Jan. 4, 2021): Employees whose essential job functions are to prepare for students returning to campus (e.g., Student Affairs, Athletics, and Facilities Management) as communicated by their leadership.
    • Phase 3 (Target dates beginning Jan. 11, 2021): Employees whose essential job functions are to serve students (e.g., faculty and staff for defined courses that will be conducted using face-to-face modality during spring semester, Academic and Student Support) as communicated by their leadership. Campus offices will be open during business hours but with modified service, such as requiring call ahead appointments.
    • Phase 4 (Target dates beginning Feb. 1, 2021): All employees without approved remote work accommodations will return to campus in some capacity on an ongoing basis. Employees whose essential functions can be completed remotely should expect to spend between 40-50% of their work time on campus.
  • The phased return to campus plan will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis in accordance with state, local, and federal guidance.
  • The Temporary Employee Pandemic Response Policy continues to be subject to frequent change, with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines but provides clear guidance for employees preparing to return and those currently working on campus.

COVID-19-related workplace accommodations

  • In preparing to return employees to campus we understand there may be unforeseen challenges that require some employees to request COVID-19-related workplace accommodations.
  • The CDC has identified people that are at an increased risk for severe illness if the COVID-19 virus is contracted, as well as specific groups that need to take extra precaution. We recognize employees may need to request temporary accommodations for health-related reasons of their own or for someone with whom they reside as the CDC has identified.  Additionally, we understand hardships related to COVID-19 extend beyond the health-related risks and that some employees may need to request temporary workplace accommodations based on child care, elder care, and transportation issues.
  • Employees who need to request a temporary accommodation due to a COVID-19 reason should submit the electronic COVID-19 Related Workplace Accommodation Request Form. Requests are first received by HR and any health-related information will be removed before the request is forwarded to the Division Head for final determination.
  • Employees are not required or expected to disclose their personal medical conditions to their managers/supervisors.
  • It is important to note that employees who received an approved workplace accommodation in Fall 2020 must re-apply for an accommodation for the Spring 2021 semester. Questions can be referred to the Office of Human Resources at