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Events and visitors

Last updated: 8/17/22

Meetings, events, and social gatherings will continue in-person and follow all Health and Safety guidelines outlined in this plan. This includes any meetings, events, or social gatherings hosted or attended by faculty, staff, students, alumni and visitors/guests of the University.

  • Faculty, staff and student (including student organizations) meetings may resume in-person but should continue to take place virtually when appropriate. If a meeting or event must occur in-person, it should be held in a space with adequate capacity.
  • All events must be requested and subsequently approved through the Campus Reservation System (EMS) at least four weeks in advance to allow for budget approval and proper facilities scheduling and pre- and post-event cleaning.
  • The size of events will be determined by maximum venue capacity. It’s important to remember that, even  when larger gatherings are approved, adherence to the university’s latest mitigation protocols will be required, regardless of being held indoors or outdoors.
  • Requests for food and beverages at events will be reviewed at the time of reservation submission and will follow additional guidelines based on venue location, size and expected attendance.

All campus visitors are expected to abide by the guidelines outlined in this plan. This includes adherence to the following personal health guidelines, if applicable:

  • Self-monitoring.
  • Respiratory etiquette.
  • Wearing a high quality face mask if and when required
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Staying home when sick.

Virtual opportunities for engagement with the University are encouraged.

It is incumbent on the designated hosts to share with their respective campus visitors these health and safety guidelines and the University’s expectations regarding personal health responsibility.

Visitors on official university business (not including prospective students and families)

  • Official visitors and contracted vendors must be registered through the On-Campus Visitor Registry by their identified host that is a member of the University community.
  • The host will be responsible for ensuring that the visitor is aware of and accepts the guidelines and expectations before arrival.
  • All pre-registered visitors to campus must check-in with their host upon arrival.
  • Athletic event visitors and spectators will follow the La Salle Athletics Fan Policy.
  • If a visitor is sick, he/she must reschedule their visit.
  • Visitors must abide by all Health and Safety guidelines outlined in this plan.

Prospective students and families

  • Prospective students and families who wish to visit campus must be pre-registered or hold an appointment through the Office of Admission. Walk-in visitors are asked to call 215-951-1500, as some same-day visits might be available.
  • Class visits will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis and, if approved, will be limited. Virtual class visits, when available, will be permitted.
  • All large group tours must be scheduled in advance through the Office of Admission.