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COVID-19 Planning Team – Incident Command Advisory (ICA)

The Incident Command Advisory (ICA), which has shepherded our immediate response to the pandemic, as well as long-range forecasting and return planning, has expanded its membership to include nearly two-dozen cross-functional leaders at our University. The scope of its work, also, has evolved. In particular, ICA has adopted eight critically important workstreams in areas that span academics, communication, facilities, and health and wellness, among others. Each workstream has a corresponding working group, and these working groups and the expanded ICA will comprise the pandemic preparedness task force that is supporting our sSpring semester planning.

ICA Sponsors

Brian Baptiste
Angela Polec
Stephanie Pricken
Steve Siconolfi
Dawn Soufleris

ICA Members

Anna Allen
Bob Berkley
Jessica Brannan
Scott Cook
Helen Fanning
Shakeya Foreman
Amanda Guthorn
Kristin Heasley
Jean Landis

Joe Meade
Candace Robertson James
Gina Scozzaro
Dennis Shores
Donease Smith
Alicia Stonesifer
Chris Vito
Kate Ward-Gaus
Mary Wilby

Pandemic Preparedness Taskforce (Spring)


Steve Siconolfi (Lead)
Jean Landis (Lead)
Swee-Lim Chia
Helen Fanning
Jen Houseman
Lisa Jarvinen
Br. Ed Koronkiewicz

David Lees
Peggy McCoey
Tom Pasquale
Mark Purcell
Pat O’Brien
Mey-Yen Moriuchi
Dennis Shores

Athletics & Recreation

Brian Baptiste (Lead)
Donease Smith (Lead)
Janet Fierson
Nina Kauffman

Meredith Kneavel
Rob McIntosh
Beth Paulin
Zach Rissler


Angela Polec (Lead)
Chris Vito (Lead)
Josh Ash
Kelly Daily

Greg Fala
Dennis Shores
Shea Wright

Employee Relations

Kristin Heasley (Lead)
Shakeya Foreman (Lead)

Chris Mickel
Maureen O’Connell

Facilities and Operations

Stephanie Pricken (Lead)
Dennis Shores (Lead)
Amanda Guthorn
Mel Haggerty
TiRease Holmes

Beverly Owsik
Zach Rissler
Gina Scozzaro
Kyra Spoto
William Weaver

Financial Implementation

Helen Fanning (Lead)
Bob Berkley (Lead)
Kyle Chapla
Doreen Cunningham

Jen Houseman
Jean Landis
Alan Wendell


Scott Cook (Lead)
Kate Ward Gaus (Lead)
Angela Polec (Lead)
Candace Robertson-James (Lead)
Dawn Soufleris (Lead)
Mary Wilby (Lead)
Laurie Colborn
Brian DeHaven
Jason Diaz

Pat DiGiacomo
Kristin Heasley
Nina Kauffman
Dolores Matecki
Kathleen Monforto
Candace Robertson-James
Daniel Rodriguez
Gina Scozzaro

Student Experience

Anna Allen (Lead)
Amanda Guthorn (Lead)
Stephanie Pricken (Lead)
Dawn Soufleris (Lead)
Jim Church
Laura Cilia
Bridget Conaway
TiRease Holmes
Erin Kaplan

Chris Kaczmierczak
Mina Koller
Ben Oser
Jenn Ruggiero-Patel
Kyra Spoto
Vanessa Valenzuela
Alan Wendell
Melissa Yogis