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Living on campus

Last updated: 8/27/2021

Residence hall move-in
All resident students who have paid in full or have signed up for a payment plan, will receive notification from to schedule a testing and move-in time.
Dates Move-in population
Aug. 3-15 Select athletic teams participating in training camps
Aug. 15-25 Select populations with early move-in approval
Aug. 27-29 All remaining residential students

Residential Move-in

  • On your scheduled COVID-19 testing and move-in date, your first stop on campus will be our testing site – before you arrive at your residence to unload your belongings.
  • If you test negative for COVID-19, you will proceed to your residence check-in site and begin your two-hour window to move into the residence halls. Students may have up to two persons assist them with their move-in process.  Family members and friends need to be prepared to depart residential facilities within those two hours.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, and have traveled to campus via car, you will be asked to return home to complete isolation. You will receive specific instructions about isolation and the timeline for your return to campus.
  • Students will have a two-hour window to move their personal belongings into their housing assignment with a limit of two others assisting with the move-in. At the end of the two-hour move-in time, parent/family member will need to exit the campus in order to support social distancing and low density within our residential areas.
All residential students are encouraged to bring only what is needed for the fall semester. Information about our “Explore More, Bring Less” program will be sent to all residential students.
What to bring: “Explore More, Bring Less”
  • The Fall 2021 semester will require the University to be nimble in all aspects of campus life. As such, students are encouraged to take a minimalistic approach as they pack for the start of the semester.
  • This shift in approach for many students will create a smoother move-in and move-out for all. If the need arises for an emergency revert to remote operations, the process will be much easier if students have taken with them to campus only the most-critical personal belongings.
  • In order to meet the personal health guidelines outlined for all students, and to be prepared to complete your academic coursework, each student should bring the following:
    • Personal computer or tablet
    • Thermometer
    • A sufficient supply of disinfectant wipes or spray and anti- bacterial hand sanitizer for the semester
    • Multiple face coverings
    • Necessary personal belongings such as seasonal clothes, bedding, and limited room decorations
Physical distancing in campus residence spaces
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and anyone with whom you don’t live in the following spaces:
    • Common areas in the residence halls.
    • Hallways, stairways, and elevators.
    • Communal restrooms.
  • Visitors and guests in residential living
    • Overview of COVID-19 Guest Policy
      • The Office of Residential Life has implemented a COVID Guest Policy that will be reviewed/evaluated during the first month of the Fall 2021 semester to determine if additional restrictions may be adjusted. Special attention will be paid to community spread of COVID-19.Beginning Friday, Aug. 27, the only permissible guests in each area are residential students who reside in those areas. (For example, a resident of La Salle Apartments is not permitted to visit a resident of St. Miguel Townhouses.) More details:
        • All remaining buildings in the North Halls complex (St. Katherine, St. Albert, St. Bernard, St. Cassian, St. Denis, St. George, St. Hilary, St. Jerome) will be treated as one residential area.
        • La Salle Apartments: Only La Salle Apartments residents are permitted as guests within this residential area.
        • St. Teresa Court: Only St. Teresa Court residents are permitted as guests within this residential area.
        • St. Miguel Townhouses: Only St. Miguel Townhouses residents are permitted as guests within this residential area.
      • By Tuesday, Sept. 7, under advisement of our COVID-19 response team, and circumstances present at that given time, we will review the current visitor policy and consider its expansion to allow any residential students to visit any of the residence halls. More details will follow.

        Capacity for the Fall 2021 is the following: Including the host(s), up to 4 students in a residence hall room, up to 6 students in an apartment, and up to 10 students in a townhouse are permitted at a time.

        As adjustments to the COVID Guest Policy are made, official notice will come directly from the university.

        Face masks must be worn indoors and social distancing guidelines must be followed when guests* are present inside residential facilities. *Guests are defined any anyone who is not your assigned roommate.