Student activities

  • Based on the physical distancing guidelines associated with COVID-19, many student activities and events will look and feel different than those to which our students, faculty, and staff have grown accustomed. All University-sponsored activities, and activities hosted by student organizations, must abide by the guidelines set forth in this document.
  • Meeting spaces and common areas will have a reduced capacity and may be reconfigured to account for adherence to physical distancing requirements.
  • Whenever possible, virtual programming will replace large events and activities.
  • The sizes of permissible gatherings will be determined by the Department of University Events and/or the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, in accordance with the most-recent guidance from the state and the city.
    • It is important to remember that, even when larger gatherings are allowed, adherence to physical distancing guidelines and the use of face coverings are still required.
  • Off-campus, non-University sanctioned events are also expected to follow the guidelines set forth in this document.