School of Arts and Sciences
American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies

Contributed Talks - Saturday, March 13, 10:45 am – noon.  If you wish to give a 10- 15 min talk/demo related to teaching physics, please send the title and the abstract to Jessie Blair at before the deadline Feb. 22, 2010.

Student Posters - Friday, March 12, 6 pm – 7:40 pm. Students who are interested in presenting a poster at the conference please follow the link below for online submission before Feb. 22, 2010. For additional information, please contact Kip Trout at [Exhibits must be freestanding. Tables will be provided.]

(Or go to then click on Upcoming Meetings/Workshops, then click on the Online Poster Registration link.)


All presenters need to register for the conference by Feb.22, 2010.