School of Arts and Sciences
American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies

Pre-conference PTRA Workshop Title: Physics with Video Analysis
Workshop Leaders: Pat Callahan and Dave McCachren

Description: Participants will explore the use of Logger Pro as a tool to analyze data from video clips.  The results of Physics Education Research suggest that understanding of introductory physics requires students to have visual and tactile experiences with the physical world and to master techniques for translating these experiences into a series of abstract representations such as motion diagrams, graphs and equations. Classroom ready activities for a variety of topics (mechanics, waves and sound, electricity and magnetism and optics) will be introduced using previously recorded videos.  These activities are designed to be used to support, rather than replace, hands on laboratory activities and can be used for group work, classroom assignments and homework assignments.  Each participant will receive a copy of the newly published Vernier book Physics with Video Analysis, which includes all necessary video files, Logger Pro files and student activity sheets.  If time and interest allow, participants will be able to create their own video segments for analysis.  Desk top computers will be used for the workshop, however, participants are encouraged to bring along their own laptops (with Logger Pro 3.6 or later installed) along with video cameras and appropriate cables for computer interface if possible.