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The primary purpose of Army ROTC is to provide leaders of character for the 21st century. Students can enroll in ROTC and participate in a uniquely interactive program focused on leadership development with emphasis on self-discipline, integrity, confidence, and responsibility. Our intent is to help the student improve whether they decide to pursue a career as an officer in our Army or in the private sector.

Students can join the program without any obligation either to complete it or to serve in the Army. Qualified students only sign a contract to serve in the Reserve Forces or Active Army when they begin their junior year or upon receiving an ROTC scholarship.

Army scholarships offer an excellent incentive to join the ROTC program. The Army ROTC scholarship program provides financial assistance for the education and training of highly qualified and motivated students who desire to be commissioned as officers in the Army after graduation from college.

Scholarships pay full tuition plus fees. Scholarship benefits typically do not apply towards room and board, however eligible Army ROTC candidates will receive the new General Burns Scholarship. This additional scholarship covers full room and board costs. Please see the "Scholarships" tab for additional information. Students not receiving the General Burns Scholarship are eligible for an additional benefit of a $900 designated book allowance. Army scholarship winners also receive a tax-free subsistence allowance of $350-500 a month for up to 10 months for each year the scholarship is in effect.

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