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Keeping our campus healthy and safe

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Inclement Weather Policy

In case of severe inclement weather (snow, ice, freezing rain, hurricane), the university may cancel day/or evening classes. In the event of a university closure, and in consideration of student safety, students enrolled in COSD 516, 521 and 616, are to follow the university decision and are advised not to report to their clinical practicum sites. The student will follow the guidelines below:

  1. Go the university website starting at 6 a.m. and look for the weather alert.
  2. If the student typically leaves home for the practicum site before or at 6 a.m., they should call the university number: 215.951.1910 first since it is updated before the Portal alert.
  3. The student is responsible for calling the site and/or field supervisor IMMEDIATELY upon hearing the university’s decision regarding cancellation.
    1. In your message, inform the field supervisor that the university is closed due to inclement weather and that the CSD Department’s policy is that students must adhere to the university cancellation decision.
  4. The student should direct the field supervisor and/or site representative to the Director of Clinical Education if there are questions regarding this policy or the student’s absence due to inclement weather.