An Inclusive Community



At La Salle University, we firmly believe in the power of community to shape futures, change lives, and transform neighborhoods. We pride ourselves on creating opportunities that help Explorers embrace their individuality, interconnectedness, and capacity to support their fellow human beings.

Our ideals today echo the values of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the founder of the Christian Brothers, who discovered his life’s mission back in 17th-century France: to help educate poor and underprivileged youth. Centuries may have passed, but what was true for de La Salle then—the guiding principles of faith, service, and community—is still true for Lasallians today.

Our diversity is what makes us strong. In fact, 35 percent of our students are ethnically diverse, and many are the first in their families to attend college. We’re located in the cultural metropolis of Philadelphia, the nation’s fifth-largest city and one that is a true melting pot.

La Salle supports over 120 student organizations, many of which are dedicated exclusively to advocacy, outreach, and cultural awareness on campus and beyond. While we are a Catholic institution, we celebrate everyone regardless of their religion, and welcome all to join the La Salle community.

In the heart of every Explorer exists compassion and dedication. We know that walking alongside our fellow human beings can make anything is possible.