Career Champion Certification

What is a Career Champion?

  1. A faculty or staff member on campus that assists students in finding a job, internship, or experiential experience.
  2. A faculty of staff member that already includes resume writing and career development/professionalism into their course curriculum.
  3. A faculty or staff member that wants to assist students in succeeding in their life beyond La Salle.


What are the 3 goals of Career Champions?

  1. To provide consistent career readiness services to students across campus.
  2. Help to maintain the quality and messaging put forth by the Career Center
  3. Scale career services to a larger population of students without adding more personnel or monetary resources.


How does a faculty or staff member become Career Champion Certified?

Attend both of the below workshops that are given by the Career Center throughout the academic year. You may attend in any order, but both need to be attended for certification.

The first part of this session takes a deep dive into resume writing techniques for today’s
workforce and common applicant tracking systems. We will cover resume format, bullet-writing structure, and key items that employers want to see on a resume. The second half of the workshop will focus on La Salle’s definition of Career Readiness and our common Career Readiness competencies to use across campus inside
and outside of the classroom moving forward.

During this session, attendees will learn about the services that the Career Center offers to the La Salle student body. We will discuss each service type, our major and career exploration resources, and take an in-depth look at how to use Handshake to assist students in finding a job/internship on or off campus. In addition, we will introduce our faculty/staff menu of available partnership services if you are interested in
including more career development projects into your curriculum.


Spring 2021 Career Champion Workshop Dates

All champion certification workshops will be virtual.


If you attended one of the sessions in spring 2020, you are welcome to attend the other session to complete certification this fall.


Career Center Basics – How to Refer and use the Career Center + Handshake Workshop will be offered:

  1. March 23 at 12:30pm: REGISTER HERE


Resume Writing + Career Readiness Workshop will be offered:

  1. March 25 at 12:30pm: REGISTER HERE


20 La Salle faculty and staff are now Career Champions! Join them in helping us to prepare students for life beyond La Salle!


If you want to set-up private sessions for you and your colleagues to become Career Champion certified, please contact Kelsey Krauss, Assistant Director of Career Development & Readiness:



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Call 215-951-1075 to schedule an appointment or schedule by logging into Handshake!

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