Career Readiness

Career Readiness – Life Beyond La Salle


What does it mean to be ready for Life Beyond La Salle?


Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of knowledge, behaviors, and skills that prepares graduates for a successful transition into their life beyond La Salle.

Career readiness includes articulating one’s strengths and understanding that preparing to be a professional means preparing to be a life-long learner in our ever-changing world.


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  • Ability to discern fact from fiction
  • Obtain, interpret, and use data and facts to reach a conclusion to a problem
  • Create solutions to problems using sound judgement
  • Demonstrate autonomy when solving problems



  • Ability to learn from mistakes; welcome feedback
  • Demonstrate effective work habits (time management and prioritization of tasks)
  • Respect peers and co-workers’ privacy in a professional and team setting
  • Handle change and shift strategy in response to the situation



  • Clearly articulates thoughts and ideas through written and spoken word
  • Adapt pieces of writing for appropriate audiences
  • Generate and deliver messages verbally
  • Use verbal and written word to work effectively in a team setting



  • Leverage existing digital technologies
  • Adapt to new and emerging technologies
  • Understand the technology needs associated with their major and future employment



  • Listens to the ideas and concerns of others to work collaboratively toward a solution
  • Delegate work to other members of a team by identifying their key strengths
  • Negotiate and manage conflict
  • Start projects and initiatives inside and outside of the classroom based on intrinsic reward



  • Values, respects, and learns from other cultures, religions, races, and sexual orientations
  • Recognize the history, values, beliefs and practices of other cultures
  • Support and promote a safe environment for all cultures, religions, races, and sexual orientations



  • Understand when to ask questions when stuck on a problem or project
  • Identify personal skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences to inform career decisions and world views
  • Appreciate continuous learning opportunities
  • Remain resilient when faced with failure or demanding projects



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