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How to Hire Student-Workers

If you are interested in posting your on-campus position to Handshake, please email careers@lasalle.edu and we will assist you by either posting the position for you or by creating your own employer account; an employer account is needed to post, review applicants, and hire through the system. Access our User Guide to assist you with Navigating creating an account, posting a job, and hiring procedures, below. 


If you would like our team to post a position to Handshake on your behalf, the items in the following document are needed. Once completed, email to careers@lasalle.edu for posting.


User Guide for On-Campus Student Employment

Student Employment Job Description Outline for Handshake

COVID-19 Remote Work Plan 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based employment program administered by the University. Priority is given to full-time students who fill out the FAFSA on time.
  • Students must submit a FAFSA and demonstrate financial need to qualify for federal work-study.
    • Federal work-study is awarded based on the information provided on a student’s FAFSA. Because federal work-study is a need-based award, not every student qualifies.
    • Students must also complete all outstanding requirements with the Financial Aid Office before they can receive federal work-study.
    • Because the university receives a limited amount of federal work-study funds each year, students who submit their paperwork late will be put on our work-study waitlist. This is done in an effort to ensure that we do not overspend our work-study funds or spent our allocation too quickly.
  • If you are hiring a graduate assistant, budget, or FWS student worker all supervisor are requires to fill out a hiring form at least 3 days prior to your start date on your behalf
  • If the student has never worked an on-campus job before they will need to complete the New Hire Packet.
  • To submit to Human Resources for processing they must have 2 (two) forms of ID (ie. Driver’s License, Passport, Social Security Card, etc.)
  • All returners who were previously awarded FWS must confirm that they have received FWS in their financial aid package for the current academic year.
  • If your student is a budget worker please confirm with your supervisor that this position is still adequately funded before completing the form below.
  • Supervisors can pay students more than minimum wage. It is recommended that you do not pay students more than $10 an hour to ensure that they do not exhaust their work-study funds too quickly.
  • We recommend that students work between 10-12 hours a week, but they cannot work more than 15 hours a week. Working too many hours is something that can be a federal audit finding. Also, we recommend that students work 10-12 hours a week to ensure that their work funds last throughout the academic year.
  • If a student receives a raise in pay greater than minimum wage, it could affect how many hours or how long they can work. If the student receives a wage but continues to work the same number of hours per week, they could exhaust their work-study funds quicker. Supervisors are encouraged to reach out to the Financial Aid Office at finserv@lasalle.edu to discuss how a raise could affect your student worker’s hours.
  • Federal Work-Study (FWS)
    • Federal Work-Study is not credited to a student’s account. They receive a bi-weekly paycheck for the hours that they have worked. Students must sign a student contract and submit it to the Office of Human Resources. The contract is provided by the Office of Financial Aid. In order to be considered for these types of jobs, a student must have been offered Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package.
    • If a student is not eligible for Federal Work-Study, he/she still can work part-time on campus in a Budget job. Budget jobs are part-time positions on campus that are open to all students, regardless of financial need. See “Budget Jobs” below.
    • Every department is eligible to hire a Federal Work-Study (FWS) student worker
    • Your department’s budget is not responsible for paying a Federal Work-Study student’s pay.
    • More info: Student Employment Page – Financial Aid
  • Budget 
    • A budget job allows a student to work on campus and be paid through a department’s budget. Eligibility for need-based Federal Work-Study is not required in order to apply for a budget position.
    • The ability to have a budget position is dependent upon your department’s individual budget. Most of the time, student worker salary funds are a part of the department’s budget and can be found in BIRT.
    • When a student is hired in a budget position, the supervisor and student will need to complete a Budget Form. Once approved by the supervisor, the student worker will need to return appropriate forms to Financial Aid and HR.
    • Budget student workers (non-FWS student workers) should be hired only when the duties are absolutely required and another alternative is not available (including but not limited to hiring an FWS student or assigning the duties temporarily to a regular staff member within that department or any regular employee at the University whose typical duties may be temporarily limited due to COVID reasons).  Budget student worker approvals should include the rationale for why this is the only alternative and that rationale must be signed off on by the Division Head.
    • More info: Student Employment Page – Financial Aid
  • The deadline for a student to submit their FASFA to secure their financial aid for the upcoming school year is due June 30, 2022. Students should follow up with the Financial Aid office after they submit this request or if they need any assistance.
  • The Career Center, with assistance from Human Resources, will provide virtual training to supervisors on how to manage student workers in-person, remotely, and in a hybrid model. Sessions will be provided on a semesterly basis at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. These will be communicated to supervisors via email. Please check periodically for any updates in our offerings.
  • If you have been previously enrolled as a student, you are able to access Handshake via the Portal under “Tools”. You can switch your user view by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner and then select, “switch users” in the drop-down menu.
    • You will see a page that allows you to switch to any connected account
    • For more information please visit Handshake’s Help Center article on this topic.
  • If you have created an employer account or have never been enrolled as a studentyou will have to go directly to La Salle’s Handshake page. Log in by clicking “Or log in using your Handshake credentials”

COVID-19 and Student Employment

  • Every department is eligible to hire an FWS student but in order to do so will need to create a position description, post it in Handshake, and specifically identify a supervisor who will take responsibility for the hiring, supervision, and evaluation of the student worker(s). We encourage all departments to think of ways they might utilize an FWS student to assist with appropriate administrative tasks and projects
  • All students who have Federal Work-Study (FWS) will be eligible to work based on the business needs of their department (including in-person work, working remotely on projects as identified by their on-campus supervisors, or work in a hybrid model).
  • If working on campus, student workers must be factored into the scheduling of persons in the office to maintain 40%-50% capacity of the physical office as a whole
  • Positions posted for Fall 2020 should include projects and tasks that can be managed and completed remotely if necessary
  • Any student who agrees to work remotely will need to fill out a remote work plan (time-frame decided upon by their supervisor) which the supervisor will collect and monitor.

Join our Team!

We have created and launched a Supervisor Team in Microsoft Teams. This team has everything you need to successfully manage your students while also being able to immediately access the Career Center for any troubleshooting, questions, or materials. We have included all the documents that are needed to onboard student-workers, webinars of how to use Handshake for hiring, and being a Career Champion for your student-employees.  


If you are a supervisor and would like to join our Supervisor Team, please email careers@lasalle.edu and we will be sure to send you an invitation.  


Do you need help writing a detailed and robust job description? Email careers@lasalle.edu to get started! 


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