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Handshake is La Salle’s job and internship search platform that includes positions on campus and at locations throughout the Philadelphia region, the United States, and beyond. Logging into Handshake is easy! Simply go to your portal, search “Handshake”, and click “Launch Service”.


Criteria for Access to Handshake: Provided to enrolled, degree-seeking students, and degreed alumni. By using Handshake, students and alumni agree to the following responsibilities and policies. Any violations of the following may result in the loss of Handshake account privileges. Review additional details on our Policies & Procedures and general disclaimers in the document linked below. 



Keep available jobs and interviews at your fingertips with the Handshake app. Download in the Google Play or Apple Store.


Current Students

  • All currently enrolled students have a Handshake profile already created. You must log-in through the portal.
  • You are able to keep your profile private or choose to make it public. When public, employers, and other students in Handshake are able to view your profile and message you.
  • The more information you have completed, the more likely you are to be messaged by an employer!
  • Fill out your Handshake profile and add a professional headshot photo.
  • All currently enrolled students MUST keep their student emails associated with their Handshake accounts. Current students are not permitted to swap out their emails for a personal email address (ie Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc.).

Recent Graduates

  • How can I update my email in Handshake after graduation? 
    • Request for an account update by emailing the Career Center at that. Email must include the following information:  
      • First and last name 
      • Preferred email address  
      • Graduation year/date



  • Handshake lists thousands of job and internship opportunities posted by employers each day.
  • Looking to work on campus? Offices and departments post their work-study and budget positions in Handshake.
  • Favorite companies so that you can stay up-to-date on the positions that they post! 


  • If you have applied to a position considered “On-Campus Recruitment” and will be interviewing with an employer on campus, please click HERE.



To upload your resume in Handshake:

  • Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click “documents”.
  • Please note that your resume will remain pending until a Career Counselor or Career Peer Advisor has reviewed it.
  • Once approved, you can apply to any position in Handshake as long as you meet the position’s requirements. 


  • * When you upload a resume to Handshake, it can take up to 3 business days to be reviewed. An upload to the system does not guarantee approval. Once reviewed, you will receive notification of suggestions, approval, or if changes need to be made. 
  • *Resume Rubric that is used to evaluate resumes for approval.


Stage 1: Obtaining Your Unofficial Transcript from your Student Portal

  1. Go to portal
  2. In the search bar, type “ LUWIS” > click Br. LUWIS Self Service Banner | SSB > Click Launch Service
  3. Click Student Services > Student Records > Academic Transcript
  4. Select “Level” (if applicable)
  5. Make sure “Unofficial Transcript” is selected and click submit
  6. Once you are on the page where your unofficial transcript is press Ctrl+P to print preview
  7. When selecting print preferences, make sure that you are selecting “Save as a PDF” (usually located next to “destination”)
  8. From there, save the document to your computer as “LastFirst_UnofficalTranscript_Term.pdf”

Stage 2: Uploading Transcript to Handshake

  1. In the search bar, search “Handshake” > click Handshake > Click Launch
  2. Once you are on the Handshake home screen > click your icon/picture at the top right-hand corner of the screen > click My Documents
  3. Click Add New Document located in the blue box at the top-right of the screen
  4. Name your document
  5. Select document type Transcript
  6. Select your transcript document
  7. Click Add Document
  8. Once the document is submitted the document will be approved and added to your profile appropriately. Please note: ONLY resumes require review by a Career Center staff person




  • Register for events and job fairs in the “Events” tab.
  • To see a list of registered employers for a fair or networking event on campus, follow these instructions.




Schedule an Appointment

Call 215-951-1075 to schedule an appointment or schedule by logging into Handshake!

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