Signum Fidei Learning Community

Signum Fidei, Latin for “sign of faith,” is a learning community at La Salle and your opportunity to live with students who share similar personal interests and goals. It is the chance to have a living experience that allows you to explore the concepts of Faith, Service and Community.

These concepts are vital in understanding the vision of John Baptist de La Salle, the Patron Saint of Teachers, and are tied to the mission of La Salle University. This is a great option for students who are interested in engaging in service and giving back to the community. 

As a member of the Signum Fidei Learning Community, you will meet and live with students who value the same things you do, while you engage in service projects that help build community and connect you to life beyond the classroom. Our students reflect on what faith, service and community mean for them as they discover their life’s passion. Signum Fidei students live in one of the newer, air-conditioned residence halls.

If you would like more information on participation requirements, the application process, or to talk with one of the students in Signum Fidei, feel free to contact Brother Robert Kinzler, FSC at