There are no set amount of points needed for any given accommodation type. It varies greatly from year to year depending on various factors such as class size and demand. For the townhouses, in general, groups of rising juniors and seniors have the best chance (and it becomes more an issue of picking priority versus whether they get in or not), but we have had plenty of groups in the past who have had one or two rising sophomores as part of the group. Typically, a group of all rising sophomores (current freshmen) have very little chance of getting into a townhouse, but may have a chance at an apartment.

It is recommended that you try for you desired accommodation, but have a backup plan just in case your first preference does not work out.

New Students pay a $200 Housing Deposit. Returning Students are not required to pay a Housing Deposit.

That’s hard to say. In past years, there were generally singles available at the start of the housing selection process, but it’s ultimately based on our demand and availability.

Yes, but these spaces are limited and will be offered first to the individuals with the most Housing Points.

Depends on if you have been given a housing assignment. Please review the Occupancy Agreement and Cancellation Policy for more information.

Multiply your overall cumulative GPA by 10 and then add the result to your total number of earned credit hours. An email will be sent in the beginning of February containing your individual Housing Points.

New Students do not participate in the same Housing Selection Process as returning students. Contact us for more information.

Participate in the Housing Selection Process and notify our office as soon as possible. Keep in mind the penalties for late notification of cancellation.

Think about the characteristics you desired in your roommate when you were first admitted to the University. Start with the basics, i.e. studying with music, being neat, night owl, early riser, etc., and find someone who seems compatible. Before making your selection, talk openly about sleep habits, guests, study time, etc. Remember, good friends don’t always make the best roommates.

Yes, the online Student Directory is updated on a regular basis.

Yes, non-resident students can apply for housing by submitting a housing application online or in person.

For new and returning students, information on how to access their assignment information will be sent in the mail during the summer (typically around mid-July). When viewing their room information online, there is a feature which allows them to easily send the room assignment and mailing address to any email address. We encourage you and your student to discuss the best way to stay in touch while he or she is at school and to talk about what personal information will be shared with parents and family.

La Salle does not offer storage on campus. We recommend that you use a local storage company. We currently don’t have a contract or official liaison with any particular company. Use at your own discretion.

Please Note: Housing assignments and related personal information, such as a roommate assignment, can only be released to the student. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Community Development staff members cannot give housing information to any person except for the student. For more information please click here.