Health/Medical Accommodations

If you require housing accommodations for health/medical reasons, you must submit your request to Community Development.

  • For returning students, you must submit your request at least two weeks prior to start of the Housing Selection Process or you may not be eligible to select from available medical accommodations.
  • For new students, you should submit your request by June 1 prior to the Fall semester in which you wish to live on-campus.

Accommodations are based on space availability and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may request Medical Housing Accommodations from Community Development by completing this form.

Comfort Animals

Any resident student requesting to have an emotional support animal in on-campus housing is responsible for knowing and adhering to the Emotional Support Animal Procedures Policy.

Students must submit all required documentation to Residence Life and Community Development for review and consultation with the Counseling Center and Student Health Center professional staff. If approval is granted, the student must follow all standards described in the policy. Please contact Residence Life and Community Development (215.951.1916) or the Student Affairs Suite (215.951.1017) for more information.

Please note that while the Student Counseling Center is in consultation with Residence Life and Community Development, they DO NOT provide letters for students.