Housing Assignment and Roommate Info

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Room Assignment

Your specific Housing Assignment location information will be available through the mylasalle Portal. Follow the directions to look up your assignment.

Understanding Your Room Information

The first letters designates the building, followed by the room number, followed by a letter (A-E) used for mailroom and billing purposes. For example, SN 103A would be room 103 in St. Neumann Hall. See below for a complete listing of buildings.

Before Arriving

Please refer to the Students’ Guide to Resources, Rights, and Responsibilities for all residential community information and standards prior to moving onto La Salle University’s campus.

After Arriving

Once you and your roommate(s) are moved in, be prepared to talk with them about how things will work in the room or apartment. You will have an opportunity to complete an Apartment Agreement or Roommate Agreement dealing with issues ranging from how clean you want the room(s) kept to your feelings about guests in the room(s).

You may choose to meet with your Resident Assistant or Community Assistant to come to a mutual understanding on these issues. This agreement will help make your transition to this new relationship a smooth one. Please make every effort to work together before requesting a room change.