Preparing for your Interview

Interviewing with an employer is a chance for you to showcase your skills, education, leadership, and experiences in a detailed manner. In addition, it’s a chance for you to evaluate if the company/organization culture fits well with your personal values and future goals.


Most interviews are conducted in-person, however, many employers opt for virtual or phone interviews as well. To discuss each interview type, make an appointment with the Career Center on how to best prepare.


Career Center Quick Interviewing Guide


Communicating During the Interview


What to avoid:

  • Avoid using your phone, even in the waiting room.
  • Avoid slouching or leaning in your seat.
  • Nervous habits (cracking knuckles, drumming fingers, etc.).
  • Too much hand movement.
  • Crossing your arms.
  • Excessively clearing your throat or saying “umm”.


Points to remember:

  • Hold doors open for others and sit quietly in the waiting room.
  • Smile when greeted.
  • Look the interviewer in the eye.
  • Sit up straight with both feet on the floor.


Perfect Handshake Tips



Behavioral Interviewing is a way for an interviewer to gauge your future work behaviors and habits by evaluating how you reacted to similar situations in the past. When answering a behavioral question, use the STAR method (next section).


List of Behavioral Based Interview Questions

List of Common Interview Questions



Using the STAR method to answer behavioral-based interview questions will assist you in constructing a specific and concise answer. The bottom line? Employers want to know what YOU did in specific situations in regards to leadership, failure, customer service, teamwork, and so on.




At the end of your interview, you should have at least 5 questions prepared that you can ask the interviewer. Asking questions shows that you are genuinely interested in getting to know more about the company and/or the interviewer as a person.


In addition, be sure to ask the interviewer for their business card so that you have their email address for the thank you email.


List of Questions that you can Ask an Employer





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