Our services help students learn coping strategies which promote a greater sense of emotional well-being in their lives including:

  • Individual counseling to assess and identify risky alcohol and other drug use and administer intervention and treatment;
  • Individual and group support for students in recovery;
  • Health and wellness prevention services to the campus community on pertinent topics;
  • Outreach education services to students, faculty, staff and other on- and off-campus groups;
  • Counseling and support groups to students who belong to families with alcohol and other drug abuse concerns;
  • Education and early intervention sessions for students who violate the alcohol/drug policies of the University;
  • Consultation services and resources for students, faculty, staff and other on– and off-campus groups.
  • Confidential individual support and advocacy around sexual violence
  • Weekly survivors support group—open to survivors of any type of sexual violence
  • Training and education for faculty and staff about how to support and refer students who experience sexual violence.

Counseling Services

Students facing the challenges associated with alcohol and/or other drugs often find counseling to be a crucial step in their recovery. At La Salle’s SAVE Center, students can benefit from both individual and group counseling.

All full-time students are eligible for counseling and assessment services through the SAVE Center with no fees for any of the services received. It is expected that students attend their scheduled appointment on time or inform their counselor ahead of time if they need to reschedule or cancel. All sessions are confidential.

If you are trying to stay sober or reduce your substance use and you would like to talk to other students doing the same, contact Kristen Shirley by emailing or call 215.951.1357 for more information.

If you have a friend or family member whose substance use is a concern to you, consider talking to peers struggling with the same. The Family and Friends Substance Abuse Support Group is a confidential resource available. Contact Kristen Shirley by emailing or calling 215.951.1357 for more information.

Students interested in working through and receiving support around an experience of sexual violence can participate in the weekly survivors support group. Contact Laura Cilia, Title IX Advocate/Educator by emailing for more information

All inquiries and meetings are confidential.

Staff from the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center are happy to schedule consultation sessions with students, staff, faculty, parents, alumni and administrators on concerns related to alcohol or other drug use.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment for an individual or group counseling session or a consultation, please call 215.951.1357.