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Finance and Administration

Office of Student Accounts Receivable and ID / Parking

Frequently Asked Questions

January 5, 2016

When will I receive a tuition bill?

Fall semester electronic bills (eBills) will be available for viewing and payment in early July and spring semester eBills will be available in early December. The payment due dates are as follows:

Fall semester: 1st Friday in August

Spring semester:  2nd Friday in January

All financial obligations must be satisfied before a student’s registration is considered complete.

For your convenience, a payment drop box is located outside of the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable, on the 1st floor of the Lawrence Administration Center. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE CASH IN THE DROP BOX. If full payment cannot be made, the Actively Managed Payment Plan is available.

What is the Actively Managed Payment Plan?

The Actively Managed Payment Plan (AMPP), administered by Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) is an interest-free option which allows you to pay your education expenses over monthly installments during the school year (fall and spring, only). Enroll in the plan at https://www.lasalle.edu/financeadmin/bursar/.  For additional information, call NBS at 1.800.609.8056.

What if I am unable to complete payment by the due date?

If you are unable to pay your educational expenses by the payment due date; and the AMPP does not meet your needs, please contact the Office of Financial Aid to inquire about the availability of financial aid programs.

Registration is not considered complete until a student has cleared his or her financial obligation.

How do I change my meal plan?

If you decide to change your meal plan, you must contact the Food Services Department.

Can I pay my bill online?

Credit card (American Express, Discover and MasterCard) and ACH payments can be made at https://www.lasalle.edu/financeadmin/bursar/. An ACH payment is an electronic debit of a checking or savings account.

What if a third party pays my tuition?

If a recognized third party (employer, labor union, foundation, etc.) is paying your tuition, you must send the official notification to the university to have a memo credit applied to your account for the authorized amount. To be eligible, the third party must be a recognized organization, not an individual. The official notification must contain the following:

  • Amount that will be paid
  • Billing instructions
  • Signature of authorized representative

Remember to remit payment for any amount due, not covered by a third party.

What is the Employer Assisted Graduate Deferred Payment Plan?

This plan allows graduate students eligible for employer tuition reimbursement to defer their payment up to 45 days after the semester has ended. To participate in this plan, you must:

  • Complete the promissory note
  • Remit your $50.00 application fee
  • Provide proof of employment
  • Submit a copy of your employer’s reimbursement plan

If payment is not received on or before the 45th day following the end of the semester, a late fee of $250 will be assessed.



Office of Student and Accounts Receivable
For payment and billing inquiries

Office of Financial Aid
For questions regarding loans, grants, scholarships, refunds

Administrative Services
For questions regarding housing, room assignments

Food Services
To add or make changes to meal plan

ID/Gold Card Office
To obtain a University ID Card or for Gold Card inquiries