1. The University has a limited amount of land, which can be allocated to paved areas. Consequently, roads and parking areas are congested. Under these conditions, it is necessary to regulate vehicular traffic in order to meet a variety of needs and to provide for the safety of pedestrians.
  2. Avenues on campus are private lanes maintained by the University for the convenience of its personnel, students and visitors. As the avenues are used for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, it is necessary that all vehicles be operated at or below posted speed limits and under control at all times. With limited space on campus and in order to assist Public Safety Officers in locating the owner of a vehicle, all vehicles must be registered with Public Safety and display a valid University parking decal/hang tag. A decal or permit does not guarantee a parking space; it only allows access to a designated parking area. Parking permits are not transferable. Parking permits will not be issued to persons charged with delinquent fines unless payment for all charges accompanies the permit application.
  3. The University is committed to providing convenient access to its facilities by means of motor vehicles. The University shall promulgate and enforce traffic and parking regulations in the interest of the safety and welfare of the University community and its visitors.
  4. Regulations apply to all persons who operate motor vehicles or bicycles. All are encourage to use buses, ride bikes, or walk whenever possible to ensure access at all times for emergency vehicles, to make parking spaces available to those who must drive, and to promote pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular safety.
  5. Liability – La Salle University assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time. The University parking lots are generally unsecured. As a condition of registration, the registrant agrees not to make a claim against the University for any loss or damage to property or personal injury, which may occur while the vehicle is on University property.