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Divisional Facilities and Resources


Divisional facilities in which space may be reserved by students and student organizations include the La Salle Union, residential lounges, the St. Neumann gazebo, and the main quadrangle.

The Union Services Director and staff are committed to assisting with the coordination and execution of events in these facilities. We work as a team to ensure that each event is successful. To that end, we have designed guidelines to assure that each event will run smoothly and effectively.

To reserve a space, contact the Union Services Director at 215-951-1370. Parties external to the University community must first contact the Assistant Vice President for Government and Community Relations, 215-951-1391. Summer conference groups must make reservations through Conference and Guest Services, 215-951-1234. The following information should be included:

- Contact information - name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the person who will serve as the Event Coordinator
- Date of the event
- Start and end times
- Number of people attending
- Preferred location
- Event description

Appropriate paperwork must be completed two weeks prior to an event. This includes a Room Set-Up Form and a Contract. The Event Coordinator must identify set-up requirements and equipment, audio visual, and food services needs. Late paperwork will be reviewed. If the event can still be accommodated, we will gladly do so. However, there are no guarantees in such cases.

- All arrangements for Food Services must be made directly with the Director of Catering at 215-951-1388.
- All arrangements for audiovisual equipment with the exception of TVs and VCRs must be made directly with the Director of Multimedia Services at 215-951-1220.

We may not have at our disposal the resources necessary to accommodate the needs of an event. At times it may be necessary for a group to rent equipment from an outside vendor. If this is the case, the Event Coordinator must contact the Business Office at 215-951-1050 to proceed with the rental process.


Student organizations also may reserve and use divisional vans for programs, events, and related uses, within a specified driving distance.

Union Lockers

Students may use lockers for storing texbooks in the basement commuter lounge. Contact the Union Services Director at 215-951-1370, Union 205

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