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Living at La Salle

In complement to the current special interest housing options, such as Honors Program and Winter Sport Athletes, we invite proposals for two new Residential Learning Communities (R.L.C.s) for 2006-07.

sportsTo be located in St. Katharine Hall, on the first and second floors east (approximately 45 bed spaces, with a refurbished community lounge) and the first and second floors west (approximately 40 bed spaces, with a refurbished community lounge), respectively, these new R.L.C.s will be specially set-aside residential areas in which students, with the guidance of faculty or staff mentors, will live with other students of similar academic or extracurricular interests, following the development and acceptance of formal proposals.

Funds will be made available to help R.L.C.s develop related activities and events for themselves and the University community, and to compensate the student and faculty/staff mentors. The two groups of students whose R.L.C. proposals are accepted will be directly assigned to one of the two areas designated in St. Katharine hall, regardless of housing priority points. Students interested in developing an R.L.C. should pay their housing deposits and submit their Housing Applications by the general University deadline; indicate their interest on their Housing Applications; and then follow the steps outlined in the R.L.C. new group proposal.

Students preferring to live in these special communities should indicate such preferences on their housing application. A special application and approval process will be required for new groups interested in applying to become associated with the Residential Learning Communities Program.