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Community Development Staff

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff members who live in the residence halls. In most cases, a Resident Assistant is assigned to each floor/wing. Resident Assistants are responsible for providing social and educational opportunities to students living in the residence halls, advising students in personal matters, administrative details regarding the operation of the residence halls, and the enforcement of University policy. Community Assistants (CAs) are similar to Resident Assistants but work in the apartments and townhouses.

Resident Coordinators (RCs) are full-time professional staff members who reside on campus. Resident Coordinators supervise the RAs and CAs and oversee the daily operation of the residential areas. There are seven Resident Coordinators.

The Community Coordinator for Off-Campus and Commuter Students leads divisional efforts in support of students who commute from home or live in off-campus apartments and houses. The Community Coordinator for Leadership Development leads divisional efforts in support of student organizations and co-chairs the Activities Funding Board. Both staff members live within the community.

Three Associate Directors are responsible for the supervision of the Resident Coordinators, Community Coordinators, creating intentional communities, crisis management, staff training and development, and the University disciplinary system.

The Senior Associate Dean of Students is the leader of the unit and supervises the Associate Directors and the Community Development Associate, who manages the operations of our new student programs and student disciplinary records.

Student Residences

The residence halls and apartments at La Salle University are more than simply places to sleep. Through the Leading Strong Communities program, Community Development staff members create educational and social opportunities for students living in the residence halls and apartments. The goal of Leading Strong Communities is to help students learn to live as members of a community by investing themselves in the community and the people with whom they live.

The Resident Student Association (RSA) is one of the best means for a student to get involved in the residential community at La Salle. Each residential area has its own government that reports to the larger executive board. RSA creates social outlets for students and helps them improve the quality of life in the residence halls and apartments.

Students are responsible for helping to maintain an environment in the residence halls conducive to the educational goals of all students by following University policies and regulations. Students living in the residence halls are also expected to help their peers understand the importance of the residence hall environment to the educational goals of each student. Professional and paraprofessional staff members are available to assist students in this endeavor. Specific details about policies and procedures may be found in the Student Guide to Rights and Responsibilities, available in hard copy and on our website.

After Hours Assistance

An RA or CA is on duty for each residential area during the evening hours beginning at 6:00 p.m. when the University is in session. Many areas have two RAs or CAs available in the evening. When staff members are on duty, they are available in their rooms or apartments unless they are on rounds. Staff are on duty to handle emergency situations and to enforce University policies. The schedule of RAs and CAs on duty is posted on the door of each staff member’s room or apartment. Assistance during the evening hours may be obtained by contacting the RA or CA on duty for the particular area. If the staff member on duty is on rounds, students may also call Security at 215-951-1300.

One Resident Coordinator is on duty whenever University offices are not open with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Resident Coordinator on duty is available to handle more serious emergency situations. The Resident Coordinator on duty carries a pager and a cell phone for easy accessibility. To contact the Resident Coordinator on duty, contact any RA or CA on duty or Security at 215-951-1300.

A Community Coordinator or Associate Director is on call each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday when the University is in session to handle serious emergency situations and to act as a representative of the Dean of Students. These staff members carry cell phones and may be contacted by the Resident Director on duty.