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Affirmation Title Image

The Affirmation The Affirmation Free Adobe Acrobat Reader The Affirmation is the product of discussion, in spring of 2005, among members of the Division of Student Affairs and a number of our student leaders, most notably the representatives elected to both the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 rosters of our Students' Government Association. Feedback and advice also was solicited and received from a variety of other members of the University community, representing a number of constituencies.

Our purpose in devising and promoting The Affirmation has been to bring to life what it means to be a student member of our community, in words that can -- and are intended to -- be more easily and quickly understood than our necessarily lengthy and complex rules and regulations. The statement has been devised for our students (thus, as you'll see in its text, the inclusion, at SGA's request, of the words "I am La Salle," in association with the ongoing student-led campaign of that name), although it certainly wouldn't be inappropriate for any of us.

The Affirmation already has been, and is being, employed in a number of ways. It forms the basis for one of the threads of the curriculums for the summer Day ONE program, for both students and families, and for our Opening Weekend's curriculums, as well, and it is playing a prominent role in our programs for student leadership development. It has been included in the revised versions of various Division of Student Affairs publications, most notably the Student Guide to Resources, Rights, and Responsibilities . Additional applications are anticipated for student standards/discipline, health education, and other programs. Complementary applications have abounded, from classroom discussions to inclusion of The Affirmation’s text and distinctive graphic identity in student organizations’ materials, course syllabi, and academic departmental publications. Interest sessions about The Affirmation have been accepted for presentation by the Dean of Students, student leaders, alumni, and Division of Student Affairs staff members at eight national or regional conferences since its inception.

The association of all members of the University community in bringing The Affirmation to the fore is invited. If you would like to incorporate The Affirmation into one or more of your department's or organization's publications or other materials, please contact the Dean of Students. Please note, as well, that The Affirmation is a copyrighted statement, and that the Dean of Students must grant permission for its use.

University departments, organizations, or divisions that would like to learn more about the development of The Affirmation and/or discuss ways in which we might work in association to make the best possible use of it are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students. Members of the Division of Student Affairs are available to engage in such discussions with any who would like to have them.

The Affirmation Foundation

The Affirmation Foundation was established in spring, 2006 by the Division of Student Affairs to raise funds for the heightening of activities and events that further promote the Lasallian values exemplified by The Affirmation.

On-going Community Involvement

Below community members may post and share ways in which they have or would like to make greater use of The Affirmation, in our shared work to promote learning for the greater good.

Please submit how you have or would like to make greater use of The Affirmation:




Community Member Comments:

"I think that the Affirmation is a great document that captures the essence of our La Sallian values."
- Michelle Demeyer
"I believe in the purpose of the Affirmation. The Affirmation is a good instrument to use when thinking of what it means to "Be La Salle." But it is up to everyone in the La Salle community to put the Affirmation into action in their lives, on campus, and in the surrounding community."
- LaSella L. Hall
"I feel that the affirmation is a guide for all the students to follow. It keeps your priorities as a student, leader, volunteer and friend in check."
- Claire Davis
"I like the active voice of the affirmation. I feel it calls me to be a leader and to make a positive difference in our community."
-Gia DeRita

“The Affirmation is a daily reminder of my La Sallian lifestyle”
-Kevin Roman


"I have found it very useful to give out copies of the affirmation to my friends at other schools. While almost all schools and universities have values, I have not found any institution that has been able to encapsulate them so concisely. When I read the affirmation, I am not only reminded of what this university values, but what we are also striving to become."
- Mark Badstubner

  "I think the affirmation is an excellent way to call attention to students on how we are to conduct ourselves. It reminds us who we are and at the same time allows us to be individuals who celebrate the different cultures that make up La Salle. Simply put, it reminds me that I am La Salle."
- Zipporah Jones
  "I think a lot of students and members of the University's faculty need to read The Affirmation because it does not describe the school I go to."
- Brian Yeager
  "I think the affirmation is a sound building block to ensuring a better LaSalle community."
- Frank DiPasquale
  "I strongly believe that the Affirmation does in fact captures the many charms La Salle holds and personally that is one of the reasons why I am here today."
- Joel Tejada