La Salle University will be providing a special discount on graduate course credit, in connection to our NEH summer workshop.  La Salle will be allowing teachers to register for three graduate credit hours in History or Education, with additional assignments required for those receiving the credit. The cost of the course will be $500, a discount of almost 80% off the regular per credit price.

History/Education 671 – Seminar in Interdisciplinary Humanities/American History
Ben Franklin and the American People

Those enrolling will be required to attend and participate in all lectures, tours, and discussion sessions that are a part of “Benjamin Franklin and the Americans”,  La Salle University’s NEH-sponsored summer teachers’ workshop. Additionally, course participants will be required to fulfill the following requirements and submit the no later than August 18:

Materials used as sources may be drawn from those required for the NEH seminar as well as other contemporary secondary sources and primary sources in the libraries and archives that we visit.

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Teaching is at the core of La Salle’s mission.  Our patron, St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle, is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of educators.  I look forward to welcoming you to the La Salle family this summer!

If you’re longing for some mental stimulation before the workshops start, I recommend reading Leonard Labaree’s edition of Franklin’s Autobiography; David Waldstreicher’s Benjamin Franklin and Slavery; or Jill Lepore’s biography of Franklin’s sister, Jane.  Great stuff!


George Boudreau