Gold Card

You will need to create an account with La Salle Dining in order to view your Gold Card balance or deposit funds to your card.

Make a Gold Card Deposit

Add Gold Card Funds

Gold Card funds are purchased in $1.00 increments.

Account Setup Instructions

Step 1: Create Account
Go to the La Salle Dining website and create a new account.

Step 2: Activate Account
Check your email for your account activation link. Click on the link to complete the activation process and log in.

Step 3: Link your Gold Card (La Salle ID number) to your Account
You will be asked to link your Gold Card (your La Salle ID number) to your account before you can make a purchase. You can also go to the Manage My Account page to complete this step.

Where Can I Use Gold Card Funds?

Gold Card funds can be used for any of the following: The University Book Store, The Union Market, all POD locations, all La Salle Dining Locations, and Select Area Merchants.

Need Help?

Please contact or call 215-951-1579 for assistance.