Using the Cloud

Constantly losing track of your flash drive? Give OneDrive, a try! With tools like OneDrive, you can:

  • access your files from anywhere
  • create automatic backups of your files
  • share files with anyone anytime you want

Not sure which cloud storage solution is best for you?


Here at La Salle University, you already have OneDrive at your disposal. To access your account, log in to the mylasalle portal and click on Email. While logged into your email click on the dots (in the upper left hand corner) to locate OneDrive.

Please visit the Instructional Design Team website for more information about using OneDrive, encrypting your data, and migrating your files.

If you’re not sure how to access your La Salle email account, please view the student set-up guide. Please note that this OneDrive account is only available to you during your time at La Salle.