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Welcome to Printing at La Salle University

How to get help with printing

Contact the IT Helpdesk at 215.951.1860 or email to submit a help ticket. Make sure to provide the device location and serial number.

Keep in mind that if a printer is not working you can pick up your print job from any other printer on campus.


How to Print

How to use PaperCut to print on campus

Android Mobility Printing using PaperCut

iOS Mobility Printing using PaperCut

Logging into your user account while using PaperCut

OSX Mobility Printing using PaperCut

Printing via Papercut Web Interface using PaperCut

Releasing Print Jobs at Canon Printers

Windows Mobility Printing using PaperCut

Windows Mobility Printer Setup Application download

Using Canons Printers for Copying

Using Canons Printers for Scanning


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Papercut? PaperCut is a print management utility that will help La Salle University reduce its print costs and environmental impact. Papercut allows students, staff, and faculty to print from any device to any printer on campus
  • Do I need my ID Card with me to print, copy and scan? Yes. You can also print using your LUNA credentials.
  • Can I print using my own paper? We do not recommend that you use your own paper. It may cause paper jams.
  • Where are the student printers located? Please see the campus map below for students printers locations
  • Can I print from my personal laptop computer? Yes. To print from your personal computers see the instructions above.
  • How can I get a refund if the document didn’t print or the printout is bad quality? Contact the IT helpdesk as soon as possible. Please make sure to have your location and the device information.
  • What should I do if my La Salle ID card is lost or stolen? Report a stolen or lost ID card to Campus Safety immediately. Even without your ID card, you can still print to any device on campus using your LUNA credentials.
  • How long does a print job remain in my queue before is being purged? Your document will be available to print for 2 hours after you send it to the print queue.
  • Who do I contact for printing support? Contact the IT helpdesk at 215.951.1860 or with all your printer support needs. Make sure to provide the device location and serial number.
  • What do I do if a print device jams? Contact the IT helpdesk at 215.951.1860 or Make sure to provide the device location and serial number.
  • Where are the print devices located on campus? Each building on campus has at least two printing devices. Please check campus MAP for detailed location information
  • How is toner managed? Toner is managed by the IT helpdesk. Contact the IT helpdesk when a printer is low in toner. Make sure to provide the printer location and serial number.
  • How is paper managed? Paper for student printers is supplied by the IT Helpdesk. Contact the IT helpdesk if a printer is low in paper. Make sure to provide the printer location and serial number. The paper supply for department printers is managed by each department.
  • Can I keep using my personal printer at work? You may not use a personal printer on campus. The features and power configurations of your personal printer may not be compatible with the university network.
  • Who is responsible for providing toner and maintenance for printing on campus? The Office of Information Technology will provide toner and maintenance to all printers on campus. Departments will not be charged for toner and maintenance kits as this cost will be centrally funded.
  • Who is responsible for purchasing and storing paper? The Office of Information Technology will purchase and store paper for all student printers. Departments will continue to be responsible for purchasing and storing paper for all other printers.
  • Can I keep the printer that I bought with my own (non-La Salle) funds? Yes, you can keep your personal printer. You will be personally responsible for the supplies and maintenance of the printer. Personal printer’s supplies and support cannot be purchased with University funds.
  • Which printers are being removed? All network printers and local printers.