What is SafeConnect?

SafeConnect is a NAC (network access and compliance tool) to help ensure that computers connected to the La Salle network are patched and have protection from malicious software. All residence hall computers accessing the La Salle network must authenticate through this system before they can access the network. Only Windows and Macintosh computers will install the SafeConnect Policy Key before accessing the Internet. Before authentication and policy key installation, Internet access will be restricted to web sites that allow you to update your computer with Windows or anti-virus updates.

What does SafeConnect check for?

The SafeConnect Policy Key will check if  your system meets the below requirements as per La Salle University’s acceptable use policy.

  • Authentication: Required once per academic year.
  • Policy Key: If using Windows or Mac versions 10.5 and higher and do not have policy key installed, you will not be able to access the network.
  • Windows Operating System Updates: If your Windows Operating System is not set to check for automatic system updates, a pop-up web browser warning will be issued.
  • Anti-Virus Software Installed: If anti-virus software is not detected, you will be warned and required to install McAfee.
  • Anti-Virus Software Up-to-Date and running: If anti-virus software is out-of-date or not running you will be warned and instructed to comply within 24 hours.
  • Peer-to-Peer: If you are running any P2P applications you will be quarantined and instructed to uninstall  them immediately. 
  • NAT/Rogue devices: La Salle University prohibits the use of NAT’d devices like personal routers, switches, or hubs. If you are using these devices you will be quarantined.
Which anti-virus software can I use?

SafeConnect will  inspect your machine for McAfee anti-virus. McAfee should be the only Anti-Virus running on your machine.

What if my system is out of compliance?

If your system has been determined to be out of compliance, a web browser will open and you will be warned/quarantined of non-compliance. If you require assistance please reference the links provided in the warning/quarantine messages, for further assistance call the Help Desk at 215-951-1860

What about my privacy?

To view our  La Salle University Computing and Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy please click here