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Travel Study

What is a travel study?

Travel study refers to courses taught at La Salle University that involve a mandatory short period (10-15 days) travel during the semester the course is taught. In order to sign-up for a travel study course, students must contact individual faculty members (listed below and directly following the offered course name).


Spring 2018 Travel Study Courses: 

HON/LGU: Contesting Narratives: Versions of the Viet Nam War–Travel to Viet Nam. Professor: Joseph Volpe

SWK: Human Rights in Theory and Practice: Chile & Philadelphia–Travel to Chile. Professor: Rosemary Barbera.

ART: Irish Art and Rebellion–Travel to Ireland. Professor: Siobhan Conaty

REL: Tibetan Buddhism and the Politics of Liberation—Travel to India. Professor: Jack Downey

BUS 371: Business in China–Travel to China. Professor: Pingjun Jiang

MKT 305: International Marketing—Travel to Germany and France Professor: Swee Lim-Chia

NUR 411: Public Health Nursing—Travel to Mexico Professor: Jeannine Uribe