La Salle Resets Tuition

La Salle University
Resets Tuition to $28,800

a 29% Reduction

College must become more affordable for all. And we’ve taken a bold step to make it happen. Through An Affordable Path For All, La Salle University is taking a leadership role in addressing the escalating cost of a college education by resetting our undergraduate tuition from $40,400 to $28,800—a 29% reduction and back to what students paid in 2008!

Our tuition reset—effective Fall 2017—will also encourage students to apply who previously thought the price of a La Salle degree was beyond their reach. That means our transformational education is more accessible to students from a wider range of socioeconomic backgrounds, supporting our Lasallian values of inclusion.

Since 1863, La Salle University has committed significant resources to helping students and their families afford a college education. In 2015-16 over 97% of our students received generous financial aid and scholarships. For the 2016-17 academic year, we froze tuition at the prior year’s level, one of the few universities nationally to do so. An Affordable Path for All is our latest initiative to make tuition affordable for students so they can start and remain in college, completing their degrees and moving on to successful careers.

Key Points

  • An Affordable Path for All resets tuition from $40,400 to $28,800 and that’s before federal, state and La Salle University financial aid.
  • All undergraduate students—new and returning—will save, most considerably.
  • An Affordable Path for All is effective Fall 2017 for new and returning students.
  • Students will save in future years, too, because any increases in tuition will be set from a lower base tuition.
  • An Affordable Path for All increases the value of an education already recognized nationally for its exceptional value

Frequently Asked Questions

The high tuition/high discount model in higher education is broken and unsustainable, and has made a college education—especially at private universities like La Salle—out of financial reach for many. Student loan debt is spiraling—the average Bachelor’s degree takes over 21 years to pay off! And an inflated tuition “list price” turns away talented students and their families who are unaware that few pay list or “sticker” price. An Affordable Path for All builds upon our efforts to keep college education affordable. For the 2016-2017 academic year, La Salle was the only college or university in the Philadelphia region to freeze its tuition. And in 2015-2016 over 97% of our undergraduates students received generous financial aid. Providing a high-quality education to students from all walks of life has been our mission for over 150 years.
No, room, board and fees are not part of the tuition reset.
An Affordable Path for All will be effective September 2017 for the 2017-18 academic year.
All new and returning full-time undergraduate students will benefit from An Affordable Path for All. Tuition will be set at $28,800 before any federal, state or La Salle financial aid.
Students will save in two ways. First, tuition will be reset at $28,800 for all new and returning students beginning September 2017. All students paying full tuition will see their tuition drop by $11,600. Those students receiving financial aid from La Salle will see that aid adjusted to compensate for reduced tuition, but all will see their bottom-line tuition cost reduce, most considerably. And second, students will save because if tuition is increased in subsequent years those increases will be set from a lower base tuition.
Even if La Salle were to increase tuition by 3.5% per year—a fairly typical annual increase—it would take over ten years to return to the 2016-2017 or pre-reset level.
Financial aid and grants from La Salle will be adjusted to compensate for reduced tuition. If federal and state financial aid remains the same or increases, all students will see those dollars go further toward reducing bottom-line tuition cost. We pledge that no current student will pay more than they currently do, and most will pay considerably less.
One of the most common reasons students drop out of college is because they can no longer make ends meet financially. We are confident that our tuition reset will help more students remain in college so they can complete their degrees and move on to successful careers.
For the 2017-2018 academic year, students will pay $28,800 for tuition before federal, state and La Salle financial aid. Fees currently at $700 will remain at that amount for the 2016-2017 academic year. We cannot predict whether tuition will increase in subsequent years; however, any tuition increase will be made against a lower base tuition than in previous eight years.
La Salle is already a great value: The University has been recognized for providing exceptional value to students by Forbes, Money magazine, The Economist, and Brookings Institute, among others. Our reset tuition makes us an even better value.
Absolutely! We will never abandon our mission of providing a high-quality education to underserved students. Our reset will drive growth in enrollment and extend access to students of a wider range of socioeconomic backgrounds, providing the university with the financial resources necessary to fulfill our mission while investing in programs and facilities that enhance student experience in and out of the classroom.
Financial aid and grants from La Salle will be adjusted to compensate for reduced tuition. An Affordable Path for All will extend the reach of scholarships and other forms of philanthropic support, making each dollar go further and potentially supporting even more students.

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