Faculty Research Interests

Here is a partial listing of faculty members willing to mentor student projects; please also feel free to ask faculty members not listed.

Barbara Allen

My research focuses on the Russian revolutionary socialist movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and on factionalism within the Russian and Soviet Communist Party in the 1920s and 1930s. A student working with me on either of those topics would need to read Russian. I teach classes about Russian-American relations, oral history methods, and the Holocaust, so I am available to mentor students who wish to conduct research using oral history methods, about Russian-American relations, or about the history of the Holocaust. You can find out more about my research and teaching interests at my Humanities Commons site.

Marjorie Allen

“The holocaust” is an area about which I could supervise student research.

Vivienne Angeles

My research interests are on Women and Islam, Islam in Southeast Asia, Visual Expressions of Religion (including fashion and religious identity, religion and film), Religion and Violence, Islam in America and ethnic religions in Philadelphia. I have an ongoing research project on Muslim women’s movements in Southeast Asia and on Religion and Migration.

Sharon Armstrong


My current areas of research within the interdisciplinary field of cognitive science are psycholinguistics, categorization, and decision making. My research program focuses on semantic/ conceptual/ categorical structures inherent in judgment and reasoning processes in neurotypical adults and children and in the special populations of autism and selective mutism.

Students interested in these and other areas of cognition should contact me about becoming involved in research.

Gerald Ballough

My research is in “neuroprotection,” and focuses on alleviating brain damage resulting from sustained seizures and status epilepticus. The general mechanism by which this brain damage occurs is called “glutamate excitotoxicity.” Excitotoxic neuronal injury also contributes to brain damage associated with stroke and head trauma. Research students gain experience in microscopic neuropathological assessments, image analysis, small animal surgery, research presentations, etc. Research students are carefully selected on the basis of performance and enthusiasm.

Rosemary A. Barbera
Social Work

My research interests include:

  • Human rights issues, with a particular focus on Latin America and the United States;
  • Social movements;
  • Participatory forms of research such as PhotoVoice and Participatory Action Research;
  • Issues related to immigration in the United States;
  • U.S. foreign policy; and,
  • International development.

Geoffrey Beatty
Digital Arts

My primary area of interest and expertise is in animation production. This includes both traditional techniques such as hand-drawn and stop-motion animation as well as contemporary motion graphics and 3D animation. I like to explore both abstract and narrative approaches, with an eye towards the earliest practitioners of the medium. I am also interested in technologies that enable novel input paradigms and alternative image-making opportunities.

Father Francis Berna

Currently I have two research interests.  I continue to explore the field of “Sports and Spirituality” from a variety of perspectives.  I would welcome any interest a student would have – e.g. “Minority Athletes and Spirituality”; “The Spirit of E-sports”; “Sports and Religion”; etc.

A second topic of more recent interest is “Spirituality and Emerging Adults.”  This can be some of the tension between spirituality and organized religion; the search for “meaning and purpose” in contemporary American culture…  Students are welcome to research either topic from their own major discipline.

Phyllis Betz

My interests are nineteenth and twentieth century American literature, emphasizing the works of canonical and non-canonical women writers.  I am also willing to work with students interested in detective fiction, popular romance, gothic, or science fiction.  In addition I am interested in gender studies, including lesbian writers and their work.

Hsiao-Ping Biehl
Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives

My primary area of specialization is Spanish Sociolinguistics and Dialectology. My research interest is the study of languages in contact with special interest in pidgins / pidginization; second language acquisition, i.e. interlanguage and fossilization. My second area of specialization is Latin American Literature with emphasis in the colonial period. Currently I am conducting research on Spanish language acquisition  among different generations of Chinese speakers in Ecuador and plan on doing research in Guatemala as well. I would love to work with any student interested in the study of language and how it is affected by social factors.

Dana Bitetti
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

My research focuses on the language and literacy development of preschoolers and school-age children who are acquiring two languages with a focus on Spanish-English bilingual children. I am particularly interested in how children learn to tell stories in both of their languages.  I welcome any undergraduate research related to a variety of topics in language development, child language disorders, linguistics, language sample analysis, and clinical practices in speech-language pathology.  Students are encouraged to present their research at local or national conferences.

Susan Borkowski

My research areas are international taxation issues (including e-commerce), and gender-related business issues. Should a student happen along with an interest in one of these areas, I would be delighted to mentor him/her. The second area could be broadened to gender-related issues, but my own research looks primarily at women vis-à-vis accounting, healthcare financial management, and other business disciplines.

If an SBA student wants to do something that doesn’t quite fit with my interests, and there is no other faculty member to taker him/her on, I’d be glad to do so.

Claire Busse

My current research projects cover topics ranging from children and families in Early Modern Writing, ballads in Early Modern England, popular culture in Early Modern England, and 16th and early 17th drama, including Shakespeare.  However, I would be happy to work with students on any topic having to do with English Renaissance literature and culture.

Deborah Byrne
School of Nursing and Health Sciences

My research interests are chronic illness, health disparities, cultural competence, caring, end-of-life care, and simulation.

LeeAnn Cardaciotto

My interests focus on constructs related to psychological wellness. Specifically, I am interested in the study of mindfulness, acceptance, and self-compassion. My work in this area began with the development of the Philadelphia Mindfulness Scale (PHLMS; Cardaciotto et al., 2008); I would like to explore other ways of measuring mindfulness that go beyond self-report. I also am interested in studying mindfulness- and acceptance-based programs for college students.

James Church

My research interests include:

  1. Ecology, specifically the maintenance of biological diversity, community ecology, and ecological niche theory
  2. Urban Ecology
  3. Evolutionary Biology, in particular how evolutionary theory explains contemporary ecological communities, and applications of game theory to understanding evolution and ecology.
  4. Aquaponic and hydroponic food production, specifically using ecological principles to increase efficiency and sustainability of food production
  5. Environmental sustainability
  6. Biostatistics, specifically multivariate and multidimensional analyses
  7. Incorporation of computational biology activities in undergraduate curriculum to increase knowledge, skills, and increase higher-order thinking

Lynn Collins

My current research interests include social perception, anxiety disorders, substance dependence, international psychology, feminist theory, and women in academe. I am also interested in professional training issues. I lead the Gender Research Group, Tuesday evenings, 5:00 – 6:30 PM, in the Food Court, Student Union.

Siobhan Conaty
Art History

My area of expertise is focused primarily in the modern era, with topics spanning from art and medicine, art and politics, and gender issues in art. My current research examines how knowledge and skills gained in an art history course can enhance undergraduate education in the health sciences.

Elizabeth Webb Cooper

I would be very interested in working with students in the areas of corporate governance (executive compensation, board of directors, stock ownership), financial institutions (securitization, derivatives, and corporate governance structures), corporate social responsibility (CSR) and bankruptcy. My recent research interests center around bankruptcy and CSR so these would be particularly interesting areas for future research.

Marianne Dainton

My research focuses on interpersonal communication in a variety of different relationship contexts: dating relationships, long-distance relationships, marriages, family relationships, and friendships. I am particularly interested in how relationships are maintained. I focus on the communication of both the positive (love, trust, commitment) and the negative (jealousy, deception, infidelity) in intimate relationships.

Charles Desnoyers

I would be willing to mentor students in topics related to but not necessarily limited to Chinese history or Asian Studies.

Jim Donahue
School of Business

My interest is in sports management and the application of strategic management principles as well as metrics to sports organizations at various levels.  I also have an interest in corporate social responsibility as an essential element of a corporation’s long term success.

Katie Neary Dunleavy

My research interests primarily lie in interpersonal and instructional communication contexts. Currently my work in interpersonal focuses on competition between friends, however I would like to expand this to competition among acquaintances as well. I also research stigma and its influence on communication. I am concerned with less visible stigmas, such as the stigma of being a stepparent. Finally, I examine communication between students and instructors as they relate to grades and potential stigmatization.

Dave Falcone

I welcome student involvement in projects related to cognitive complexity, creativity, and/or psychology & democracy.

Preston Feden

I would be happy to mentor a student or two who is interested in studying cognitive science as it applies to school learning in either basic or higher education. This might appeal to education, psychology, or sociology majors, and honors students interested in the interdisciplinary projects. Biology majors might also be interested, because neuroscience relates to brain-based learning and cognitive science. Of particular interest to me is the cultural context of learning — that is, how does the larger culture influence schooling.

In the near future, I intend to launch a research project on rapid cognition.

Randy Fingerhut

I am currently conducting several research studies in the area of perinatal mood and anxiety. I am looking for undergraduate psychology students who are interested in getting graduate level research experience. Please email me (fingerhut@lasalle.edu) if you are interested in attending one of our research meetings or would like to find out more about my current projects.

Laura B. Frank
Urban Public Health and Nutrition

I’m interested in supporting research in all areas of food and nutrition, but my particular areas of interest are food access/insecurity, nutrition behavior, feeding issues related to autism spectrum disorders, pediatric obesity prevention and treatment, and food and culture.

Craig Franson

My specializations are in 18th & 19th-century British literature (especially Romanticism), contemporary British & American popular cultures, & modern critical theory & aesthetics. In general, I would be interested in working with students on projects that fall into any of these areas. Because of long-term studies I have underway, I would also consider working with students studying literature & medicine or 20th & 21st-century cultural politics.

Joan Frizzell

I would be interested in working with students interested in either pharmacology or pathophysiology.

Miguel Glatzer
Political Science

My research interests lie in religion and politics, welfare states and social policy, labor market policy, and immigration.

Edie Goldbacher

I am broadly interested in topics related to eating difficulties, weight management, and body image. My current research has three main, interrelated themes: (1) explaining emotionally-influenced eating and weight difficulties, particularly emotional eating; (2) understanding the relationship of mindfulness-related constructs with eating, body image, weight and health; (3) understanding the forms and consequences of weight bias and weight discrimination.

Kevin Grauke

I would be open to working with any student interested in advanced fiction writing or a research project in American literature (especially contemporary fiction or the literature of the postbellum 19th Century).

Kevin Harty

My research interest and publications continue to cover a number of areas, so I am happy to work with students in the following areas:

  • Anything medieval, especially as the medieval has continued to pop up in art, film, and television
  • King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Robin Hood, the Vikings–all four in the broadest sense and in all forms
  • The intersections of film and literature
  • Cultural responses to HIV/AIDS
  • World drama (especially modern)
  • Gender issues (especially gay and lesbian).

Andrew Hibschman

My research interests are fairly varied and encompass Vietnam War literature, American modernism (particular focus on the writings of Elizabeth Bishop and her contemporaries and on the short story writers of the period, though I’m interested in the development of American modernism more broadly, too), contemporary young adult and Apocalyptic literatures (including but not limited to the Classical roots of both), and much more broadly, I am interested in studying best practices in developmental writing. Feel free to email me with questions or requests for more information on any of the above!

Timothy Highley
Mathematics and Computer Science

My current research interests include game strategy, machine learning, and network flow algorithms, especially related to the kidney exchange problem. I am also interested in topics at the intersection of computer science and economics: algorithmic game theory and computational social choice. Previous research includes simulation optimization, simulation composability and file prefetching.

Julie C. Hill

I am a developmental psychologist with interests in adolescent and emerging adult development. In particular, I am interested in sexual behaviors and attitudes, sexual identity development (broadly defined, not specific to orientation), and health risk behaviors during those time periods.

John Hymers

I would be very happy to work with students on these topics (or anything else related to philosophy, for that matter):

  • Philosophy of food / the ethics of food production
  • The dialogue of atheism and religion, especially in the works of Ludwig Feuerbach
  • Just war (i.e., can a war be morally justified?) and related topics
  • Philosophy and culture, especially music, art, and literature
  • Modern Philosophy, especially metaphysics
  • I am currently engaged in a long term project translating and publishing the works of Alexander Baumgarten and the textbooks used by Immanuel Kant. I am actively seeking a student in possession of Latin and/or German for help in comparing editions.

Ryan S. Husak
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

My primary research interest focuses on understanding and describing the everyday impact of aphasia, a language disorder caused by stroke. I am particularly interested in investigating joint decision-making communication in married couples in which one of the spouses has aphasia and the other spouse does not. My second area of research focuses on evaluating treatments for aphasia and other neurogenic communication disorders (e.g., TBI, dementia). I welcome undergraduate students from any discipline who would like to research topics related to aphasia or other cognitive-communication disorders.

Prof. Lisa Jarvinen

I am currently engaged in research on the social, cultural and political history of connections between the United States, Latin America and Spain in the 19th and 20th centuries. My interests include the history of popular culture, mass media, trade relations, educational exchanges and foreign policy.

James Jesson

I am currently studying plays and other literature about the Vietnam War, using the Connelly Library’s large holdings of Vietnam War materials. I would welcome related student projects. I also can supervise projects on 20th-century drama. And I am interested in research involving eco-criticism (studies of literature through the lens of environmental concerns, or studies of literature that is about environmentalism or climate change).

Victoria L. Ketz
Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives

My area of specialization is contemporary Peninsular Literature. My research interests focus on marginalized voices including:

  • Hispanophone literatures
  • Violence against women
  • Migration
  • Chicanas

I am also interested in research that follows a traditional vein such as:

  • Contemporary Spanish narrative and theater
  • Cinema as a cultural artifact
  • Recuperation of the national memory
  • Secondary language acquisition

I would welcome the chance to work with a student on a research project.

Evelyn Klein
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

I am currently investigating aspects of speech, language, and voice related to children with selective mutism. At La Salle, I have co-created the CASTLE Center for comprehensive evaluations of communication for children with this anxiety disorder that affects communication broadly. Families are involved in the evaluations and treatment planning we recommend. I am also conducting research about autism spectrum disorders and its impact on families over time. If you have an interest in these areas, feel free to reach out to klein@lasalle.edu. Thank you.

Jennifer Kleinow
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

I would welcome any undergraduates who wish to do research with me. My research focuses on the complex interactions between cognitive/linguistic processes and speech motor control (the coordination and execution of speech movements). I am interested in clinical populations, such as adults and children who stutter, as well as typically-developing children and adults.

Vincent Kling
Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives

My interests include European and American fiction, especially of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; literary form and structure, especially their influence in shaping tradition to new creation; literary translation; Austrian history and culture in their bearing on Austrian literature; literary device and mannerism, especially as documented by Ernst Robert Curtius and Gustav Rene Hocke.

Hilary Kratz
Department of Psychology

My research interests have focused on implementation science and the treatment of pediatric anxiety and related disorders. In particular, I am interested in studying the dissemination, implementation, and sustainability of evidence-based practices for youth with psychiatric and developmental disorders in community settings. I also am interested in treatment research for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, trichotillomania, tic disorders, trauma, and autism.

J.M. Kurz
School of Nursing and Health Sciences

My research interests include chronic illness in families, End-of-Life issues, organ donation, solid organ transplantation, and pregnancy decisions after organ transplantation.   I am in the beginning of a systematic review examining the evidence regarding pregnancy outcomes after heart/lung/renal transplantation and would welcome a student collaborator. I also would be happy to mentor a student on a brief project using qualitative or quantitative methods to examine culture in selected textbooks.

Elizabeth Langemak

My research interests include 20th century and contemporary American Poetry, as well as memoir and confessional writing.  I would also be open to working with students on advanced non-fiction or poetry creative writing projects.

Mark Lashley

I study media, particularly social media, television, podcasting, and media industries, using a theoretical approach related to convergence and participatory culture studies. My previous work has focused on the relationships between YouTube and culture, the relationships between television and social media promotions, and how digital platforms influence the way we tell stories.

Stuart Leibiger

  • American Revolution
  • The Founders/Founding/U.S. Constitution
  • Early National U.S.
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • U.S. Constitutional History
  • U.S. Presidents

Florence Ling
Environmental Science

I am an environmental geochemist, and my research interests involve understanding metal contamination in the environment.  I examine contamination in soils, in acid mine drainage, and in wastewater produced from oil and gas operations. I am interested in engineering reactions in the environment to help treat hazardous metals and to control their movement.  This may include using reactions to absorb them or using reactions to plug their movement into other systems.

James Mancinelli
Speech-Language Hearing Science

My areas of interest are the sociology of stuttering, conversation analysis in people who stutter, evolution of human communication, and speech science topics.

Janine M. Mariscotti
Social Work

My current research interests include the relationship between attachment and grief responses, grief responses associated with cancer as a chronic illness, the cognitive and emotional effects of walking the labyrinth, spirituality/religion in social work education, and human sexuality education. I invite interested students to become involved in the research process.

Br. Leonard Marsh
Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives

I would be delighted to work with and mentor a student who is interested in French literature of the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries, either in French or in translation. I have specific interest in Rabelais, Balzac and Flaubert as authors and a structuralist/semiotic approach to their works.

Kelly McClure

I conduct research on social problem solving, coping with cancer, and depression. I conduct a research team that meets 2-3 times per month. The team includes undergraduate and doctoral students, so there is plenty of opportunity to meet doctoral students and assist with their research as well. A minimum commitment of 4 hours per week is required.

Sean McClory

RNA is a unique and versatile molecule, playing important roles in almost every aspect of life. Currently, Dr. McClory’s laboratory is investigating how an RNA sequence in bacteriophages causes a Programmed Translational Frameshift (PTF) – which allows these bacterial viruses to produce multiple proteins from a single gene. Understanding PTF will provide insights into how bacteriophages have evolved to infect different bacteria, which will aid in the development of therapeutic bacteriophages as an alternative to antibiotics.

Margaret McGuinness
Religion and Theology

I am currently working on American Catholic nuns. In particular, I am looking at Philadelphia’s own Mother Katharine Drexel and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, an order founded to work with Native Americans and African Americans.

Gerard Molyneaux, F.S.C,

In the acknowledgement section of my books, on Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, and John Sayles, there are the names of a half dozen La Salle students. All of them helped with the research and the writing of those books and deserved the recognition. They have found useful material in libraries and on the web, have proofed chapters, checked indexes, found me change for the copy machines at the Free Library, and done many of the other tasks that go with the completion of the research and writing. I owe them more than a few lines can say, but they certainly appreciate the lines.

Diana Montague

Highly energetic, organized students who are hungry to peer into the world of children, adolescents, and emerging adults are encouraged to consider independent research with me. My work focuses primarily on emotional development, particularly understanding of emotion in ecologically valid contexts. Many of my projects include work with children and their parents, but as a “lifespan” developmental psychologist, I have worked with infants as young as 3 months and adults as old as 80 years. I have an active research team of undergraduate and doctoral students who meet biweekly with me to discuss our respective projects. My newest research examines positive psychology, parent-child relationships, and supportive and unsupportive emotion socialization. Students on my research team also look at issues of human diversity (e.g., cultural, racial/ethnic, learning differences, neurodevelopmental disorders). Students interested in learning more about our projects are invited to meet with me to discuss this. Serious students who have an idea for a new project and would like mentoring/supervision of that project are also welcome to meet with me.

Simon M. Moon

My current research projects are mostly about the influence of technology in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology topic areas. More specifically, I am investigating if the use of mobile devices has impact on the psychometric properties of various selection tests. In another study, my colleagues and I are working on the implications of the use of mobile devices on job applicants with disabilities. In addition, I am working with I/O psychology graduate students regarding the topics of work-family conflict, organizational commitment, and psychological capital. Please contact me if you want to participate in any of these research projects.

Frank Mosca

I am currently interested in the philosophy and pedagogy of progressive education.  During the early 1900s progressive pedagogies were used in public schools across the US.  Today, it nearly impossible to find the practices of progressivism in public schools, and there are fewer than 100 independent schools practicing progressive education in the country. I’ve been closely associated with one of those schools, which has an 87 year history.  My interests include, the impact of a progressive education on students, the progressive practices of teachers, applying progressive pedagogy to more traditional settings, and the history of the school itself.

Judith Musser

My research interests include Ethnic American writers, immigrant writers, and contemporary non-Western writers and film.

Maureen O’Connell

My research interests currently stand at the intersection of religious and racial identity, particularly as it has evolved over the course of several generations within families and faith traditions.

Luisa Ossa
Foreign Languages and Literatures

My area of specialization is Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture. Within this concentration my areas of research interest are Caribbean Literature and Culture, Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture, and Colombian Literature and Culture. I also enjoy examining the relationships between music and literature and studying Latin American popular music and culture. Currently, I am conducting research on the Asian presence in Latin America, and on representations of Asian peoples and cultures in Latin American Literature. In addition to the above listed areas of interest, two authors of particular interest to me are Manuel Zapata Olivella and Mayra Montero. I would be glad to work with any students interested in doing research related to any of these areas.

Kristen Overbaugh

My research focuses on areas related to improving psychosocial outcomes and quality of life for individuals living with chronic illness and their family members with a particular interest in palliative care, end-of-life care, advance care planning, family caregiving, heart failure, and symptom management.

Lucy Parker 

Psychology Department: Professional Clinical Counseling Program

My research interests include classism, social class, cross-cultural counseling, existential counseling, humanistic counseling, creative counseling, counselor education and supervision, and counselor identity development. I currently facilitate a masters level research group focused on classism related research. I encourage all student, including undergraduate and graduate students to inquire, if interested! If you would like to be a part of our research group, please email me at parker@lasalle.edu.

Elizabeth Paulin

I am currently working on the issue of Social Security Reform. In particular I am interested in exploring the distributional effects of current proposals to privatize the social security system. Also, as a labor economist, I have “expertise” in labor market issues, especially those relating to gender, race, and class.

Carolyn M. Plump, Esq.
Management and Leadership

My current research interests include employment law trends (e.g., how to classify workers in the gig economy); the legal implications of corporate wellness programs; how higher education can meet the needs of students with learning disabilities; and corporate social responsibility and leadership.

William A. Price
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

My research interests are in the area of the chemical syntheses of small chemtherapeutic molecules. Specifically, I am interested in synthesizing compounds that act as tumor radiosensitizers – drugs that cause the DNA in tumor cells to become highly compacted and thus hypersensitive to the destructive effects of ionizing radiation. By sensitizing the cells in this way, lower radiation doses are needed for therapy. We have recently discovered such a compound (International Journal of Radiation Biology, in press) and are now working on structural modifications to optimize the anti-tumor activity.

Simcha Raphael

Research interests:

  • Death and Dying
  • Immortality and Afterlife in Judaism and World Religions
  • Jewish Mysticism
  • Contemporary Jewish Spirituality
  • Transpersonal Psychology


Karen A. Reardon
Management and Leadership

I would welcome the opportunity to work with and mentor a student who shares my interest in exploring any of the following research topics:

  • corporate social responsibility and leadership
  • the use of mediation in the resolution of complex business disputes
  • directors, officers and employment liability and insurance, including an examination of corporate scandals such as Enron, Tyco and WorldCom
  • any topic related to the sociology of law
  • nonprofit management and entrepreneurship

Michael Redmond
Mathematics and Computer Science

I am interested in computer programs that learn from examples, in particular, programs that extract regularity from data – “data mining”. I am currently applying such programs to data from the census and data about crime.

Jeffrey Renye
Academic Support Programs and Services

My areas of research interest and expertise include:

  • Victorian England, especially in the period of 1885-1901 (Fin de siècle)
  • The Detective Tale and Crime Fiction (British and American)
  • Western Esotericism and Related Currents
  • Folklore and fairytale and the transmission of oral tales to literary forms
  • International Education (and travel study in particular)
  • Public Spaces and Urban Planning
  • Advanced Learning Programs (ALP) for college writers

David Robison

From a broad view, my research is, and has been, primarily in regulatory economics. By regulatory economics, I mean the costs and benefits to regulations. I have gone several directions with the regulatory issues, particularly towards environmental regulations, electric utility regulation, antitrust regulations, and financial market regulations. In doing so, I have done a lot of multi-disciplinary work with finance and accounting professors. If you need or want more detail, let me know.

Klare Scarborough
Director, Art Museum

La Salle University Art Museum offers many opportunities for art historical and interdisciplinary research utilizing its collection of European and American art from the 15th century through the 21st century and a range of smaller international special collections. Many artworks are kept in storage, so they are not on permanent display in the galleries, but they are available for research study. Undergraduate research could be supervised by faculty mentor from any department and could address a range of different kinds of projects, including research/publication opportunities associated with upcoming Art Museum exhibitions and catalogs. (See end of this list for more about our Art Museum research opportunities.)

Michael Smith

I am a rhetorical scholar of public relations and public communication.  That means I look at language, symbols, and arguments and how the influence public issues, images, and action.   My ongoing research areas include activism and activist organizations as well as the connection between community-building and public relations activities.

Among the specific projects I may use assistance with are:

  • How communities use public relations to influence their image, the issues they deal with, and the people who would “invest” in those communities.
  • How activists and corporations attempt to influence the debate over natural gas extraction in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania, especially the use of “fracking.”

I am willing to mentor projects related to:

  • Issue management, or the process through which public issues are identified or created, debated, and resolved.  These typically involve public policy debates and could focus on a number of issues and/or a number of actors (companies, politicians, activist organizations and so on).
  • Crisis communication, particularly the ways in which organizations or public personalities deal with the aftermath of a crisis or scandal.

Megan Spokas

My research team includes a variety of research projects, including investigations of the link between trauma and suicide in a clinical population, as well as ways to improve suicide prevention efforts.  Broadly, the team focuses on suicide prevention, trauma exposure, re-victimization, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

George Stow

My research interests center solely on late medieval England- specifically the reign of King Richard II (1377 1399). Within that context, however, almost any topic is fair game.

Mindy L. Tait
School of Nursing and Health Sciences

My research interests include: incivility in education, pharmacology and pathophysiology in nursing, medication errors, innovative teaching strategies, ethical/legal issues in nursing.

Madjid Tavana
Business Systems and Analytics

I would be interested in mentoring students interested in studying:

  • Big Data and Business Analytics
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Decision Sciences
  • Multi-criteria Decision Making
  • Business Process Management

Please visit my website (http://tavana.us) and follow the link for PUBLICATIONS to read my papers in academic journals.

Caitlin J. Taylor
Sociology & Criminal Justice

My research interests include:

  • The causes and consequences of mass incarceration
  • Ex-offender reentry/reintegration
  • Problem-solving/specialty courts (reentry courts, veterans courts, drug courts, etc.)
  • Prison reform and activism, especially involving people formerly incarcerated
  • The causes and consequences of drug use/abuse/addiction
  • Restorative justice

Mark Thomas
Political Science

My research interests include:

  • Democratization and Democratic Consolidation in Central-East Europe
  • The Intelligence Community in the US Political System
  • Russian Security Policy
  • Ethnicity and Politics in Central East Europe
  • Comparative Intelligence Communities in Central East Europe
  • Comparative Development of Political Parties of Central East Europe
  • Russian Foreign Policy Since 1917
  • Comparative Security Policies in Central East Europe
  • US Foreign Policy toward Russia and Central East Europe since 1917
  • Influence Operations in the Information Era

Cornelia Tsakiridou

I work on aesthetics or the philosophy of art with a focus on the visual arts. My last two books deal with Orthodox iconography and the history and theology of the Christian image in transnational contexts. I have also published on cinema, photography, and poetry. I can work with students who are interested in these areas and the intersection of aesthetics and theology, religion and ideology, and metaphysics (especially G.W.F. Hegel and M. Heidegger) and art.

Robert Vogel

I would be interested in mentoring students with an interest in urban education, specifically working with the School District of Philadelphia. I am currently working with 10 schools that are participating in my Writers Matter program.

Research has been conducted every year and results have demonstrated higher achievement in writing and a more student-friendly environment allowing students to freely express themselves and discuss important issues among their peers. Cliques, stereotypes, and racial boundaries within the classrooms began to decrease, as students began to truly see their peers as thinking, feeling, people with the same problems and insecurities as they face. Students began to emerge as more confident individuals using their personalities and own unique voice to express themselves through writing.

Student researchers would have opportunities to conduct a variety of research methods, including case study. Students interested in journalism, digital storytelling and health related issues are welcomed to present their ideas.

Anne Walsh
Strategic Management and Business Policy Management

I would be more than happy to work as a mentor for students interested in research opportunities at La Salle. My primary research area is strategic management, and I recently completed a longitudinal study which examined strategic ventures used by the academic health centers to position their organizations in the health care industry. I also write cases for a strategic management text and students can easily become involved in writing cases with me.

My secondary research area involves gender related issues with emphasis upon mentoring and professional networks in business. The research on professional networks and mentoring can be used to assess most professional organizations, and I can work with students on interdisciplinary research in this area.

Kristin Wentzel

My research primarily focuses on managerial budgeting issues. In particular, my studies consider variables that influence performance in a budget setting; such as managers’ participation in the budget process, risk preferences, fairness perceptions, etc.

Austin Williams

My research interests are in the implementation and effectiveness of science education and its impact on students’ choices to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

Mary Williams

Interested in the following research areas: moral and character development, action research, learning preferences, effective teaching, the use of technology tools in teaching and learning, student motivation, student engagement, and performance-based assessment.

Patricia Wilson

My research interests focus on the ecology of emotion and also positive psychology. For example, how does emotion affect, and how is emotion affected, by environmental stimuli; what impacts well being. I am also interested in the interaction between cognitive processes and emotion. Recent work considers the impact of emotion on empathic responses.

Zane Robinson Wolf

I am willing to mentor students doing Undergraduate Student Research.

Brian R. Wyant
Sociology and Criminal Justice

My research interests include fear of crime, firearm violence, policing, and more broadly the spatial or geographic distribution of crime (especially in Philadelphia).

Elaine Zelley

My research interests are within the realm of interpersonal communication and personal relationships. Broadly, my recent research has looked at communication and friendships. I have looked at how women’s friendships (for example, competitiveness, support seeking behavior, conflict) may influence the development of eating disorders. I have also worked with students interested in how friendship changes and develops over time. Additionally, I studied the rejuvenation of married relationships and conflict styles within married relationships.

Nataliya Zelikovsky, Ph.D.,

I am a health psychologist, specializing in pediatric chronic illness and adult behavioral medicine.  Specific areas of interest include patient and family adjustment to health conditions and quality of life outcomes, psychosocial factors impacting adherence to medical regimens, and promoting healthy behaviors related to physical activity, eating, and sleep.

Art Museum Research Opportunities

Highlights of the collection on permanent display in the galleries include paintings by Flemish artist Jan Provost, The Nativity, c. 1500; Venetian Jacopo Robusti (Tintoretto), Portrait of a Gentleman, 16th century; Roman Mannerist Marcello Venusti, The Flagellation, 1552; Flemish Joos de Momper,Landscape with Pilgrims in a Grotto, 1620; Dutch artist Jacob van Ruisdael, Wheatfield with Church,17th century; Austrian artist Johan Michael Rottmayr,The Lamentation, 18th century; American artist Charles Wilson Peale, David Gelston, 1792; French painter Hubert Robert, Tomb of Virgil at Posilipo, Naples, 1784; French Neo- Classicists Henri Augustin Gambard, The Malady of Alexander, 1846, and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Virgil Reading the Aeneid before Augustus, 1865; African-American painter Henry Ossawa Tanner, Mary, 1898; American Symbolist painter Pinckney Marcius-Simons, Parsifal, c. 1904; French Nabis Edouard Vuillard, Madame Hessel in Conversation, c.1925; French Fauve George Rouault, The Last Romantic, 1937; American Surrealist Dorothea Tanning, Temptation of St. Anthony, 1945-46; and sculptures by German artist Käthe Kollwitz, Self-Portrait, 1936, and 20th-century British Dame Elizabeth Frink, Walking Madonna, 1981.

The Art Museum also owns a fine collection of works on paper, which are not on display but can be viewed upon request, including a complete set of Albrecht Dürer’s woodcuts of the Life of the Virgin; etchings by Rembrandt, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Félix Buhot, Charles Meryon, Félix Braquemond, Max Klinger, Mary Cassatt and James McNeill Whistler; lithographs by Paul Cezanne, Honoré Daumier, Odilon Redon, Thomas Hart Benton and Romare Bearden; drawings by Pietro da Cortona, Salvator Rosa, Eugène Delacroix and Edgar Degas; and photographs by Andy Warhol and Cindy Sherman.

The Art Museum’s special collections of ancient and non-western art include Japanese prints from the 18th to 20th centuries; Pre-Columbian figurines and vessels from various periods, including Nazca, Mochica, and Chancay; African sculptures, masks and ritual items from various cultures, including Yoruba, Baule, Senufo, Kota, Kongo, and Yaka; Chinese ceramics dating from the Neolithic period through the 19th century, including vessels and figurative sculptures from the Han, Tang, Song, Northern Wei, and Ming Dynasties; Vietnamese vessels from the Hoi-an shipwreck dating from the late 15th- early 16th centuries; 18th-19th century Japanese plates from the Edo and Meiji periods; Ancient Mycenaean, Greek, and Tanagra ceramic vessels and figurines dating from the Bronze and Iron Ages; and Indian Miniatures from various regions dating from the 15th through 19th centuries.

For more information, contact Dr. Judith Musser, Director of Undergraduate Student Research, at musser@lasalle.edu.