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Faculty Experts Guide of La Salle University  
Business and Economics Communications
Electronic Commerce
Paul Brazina
Film/Film History
Br. Gerald Molyneaux F.S.C.
Labor Issues/Women in the Workforce
Elizabeth Paulin
Film/Film History
William Wine
The Stock Market
Walter Schubert
Communication in Personal Relationships
Marianne Dainton
  Film and HIV/AIDS
Kevin Harty
Computer Science, Science and Math English and Literature
Henry Bart
King Arthur/Camelot/Robin Hood
Kevin Harty
Math Education
Richard DiDio
Literature of the Holocaust
Marjorie Allen
History Nursing and Health Sciences
American Revolution/Early American History
Stuart Leibiger
Children and Nutrition
Jule Anne D. Henstenberg
John Rossi
Medication Errors, Qualitative Research, and Measuring Caring
Zane Robinson Wolf
British History
John P. Rossi
The Middle Ages, Ancient Greece and Rome
George Stow
Military History
Brother Edward Sheehy, F.S.C.
Dr. Charles Desnoyers
What the Olympics will Mean for China
Dr. Charles Desnoyers
Barbara Allen
Political Science Criminology, Sociology, and Social Work
Media and Politics/Women in Politics/Voting
and Elections
Mary Ellen Balchunis-Harris
Dating, Relationships, “Hooking Up”
Kathleen Bogle
  Emotional Trauma and Recovery
Donna Fiedler
  Death and Dying/Grief/Mourning
Janine Mariscotti
  Social Issues: Non-profit Social Agency Management, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Retardation, Aging,
Bonni Zeitick
  La Salle University Sociologist Charles Gallagher Sees Two Americas When it Comes to the Issue of Race
Charles Gallagher