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The Middle Ages, Ancient Greece and Rome

George Stow
B.A. Lehigh University
M.A. University of Southern California
Ph.D. University of Illinois

Dr. Stow teaches courses on Ancient Greece and Rome and the Middle Ages (500 A.D. to 1,500 A.D.), and can discuss topics such as the Crusades, The Black Plague, Charlemagne, the Vikings, England’s War of the Roses and English Kingship, and the development of Western Science.

He can also provide historical context of leading figures and events of the Ancient Greek and Romans, including Alexander the Great, Plato, Socrates, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Virgil, and the fall of the Roman Empire.

Dr. Stow did his doctoral dissertation on England’s King Richard II, and has written that Richard II invented what is now the modern pocket handkerchief.

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