Kerri Corrado ’12

THEN: SportsLine producer & host

NOW: News Reporter at 7News WHDH, Boston

Andrew “AJ” Groy ’13

THEN: SportsLine producer & host

NOW: Co-Founder of Providence VR & WIllow House Films in California

Amanda Brothman Jumper ’09

THEN: Segment host & crew member

NOW: Executive Producer at ABC27 News in Harrisburg, PA

Shomori Robinson ’09

THEN: Director & Upon Further Review producer/host

NOW: Media Operator at ESPN

Kevin Lagowski ’06

THEN: Director & SportsTalk Philadelphia producer/host

NOW: Senior Technical Director at QVC

Tonya Ellis ’95

THEN: Director & crew member

NOW: La Salle TV station manager

Nick Marmarou ’00

THEN: Director

NOW: Owner & producer of Scarlet Creek Productions

Joanna McGauley Belko ’05

THEN: Director

NOW: Associate Category Producer at QVC & freelance production crew for Phillies/Union

Kate Kennedy ’14

THEN: Producer & Director for News You Can Use

NOW: Camera Assistant for IATSE, including NBC's The Blacklist

Cody Barr ’15

THEN: Producer & host for SportsLine

NOW: Social media manager at American Kennel Club

Madison Elliott ’17

THEN: Producer, anchor & reporter for LTV News

NOW: Reporter for Spectrum Networks in Buffalo, NY

Mike Garafolo ’02

THEN: Host for Backstage Pass

NOW: Reporter for NFL Network

Andrew Greth ’02

THEN: Producer & host for SportsLine

NOW: Producer at NBC Sports Philadelphia

Ben Rosehart ’06

THEN: Producer & host for SportsLine

NOW: Sports information director for Concordia University Irvine

Bethany Lowe ’15

THEN: Producer for Freedom From Fire & producer/host for SportsLine

NOW: Graphic design teacher, West Hall High School, GA

Carla Rapp Seward ’08

THEN: Producer & director for SportsLine

NOW: Consultant at Media Commons for Penn State University

Paul Palaruan ’02

THEN: Producer & director for SportsLine

NOW: Director & technical director at CNN

Zack Albertini ’13

THEN: Panelist & crew member for sports shows

NOW: Content associate at ESPN

Francesca “Checka” Ciammaichelli ’14

THEN: Producer & host for Q&A

NOW: Video producer & editor for The Today Show

David Sullivan ’08

THEN: Crew for SportsLine

NOW: Building A/V Engineer for the Philadelphia Eagles

Grant Lodes ’02

THEN: Host for SportsTalk Philadelphia

NOW: Anchor for KRON4 in San Francisco, CA

Steve Graham ’17

THEN: Producer, host, & reporter for LTV News

NOW: Video producer/editor for NBC Sports Philadelphia

Melissa Mendez ’15

THEN: Producer & host for Backstage Pass

NOW: Associate producer at QVC

Pat Whipkey ’05

THEN: Audio operator for La Salle Forum

NOW: Director of USAV

Kale Beers ’95

THEN: Producer & host for The L-Report

NOW: Play-by-play announcer for the La Salle Basketball Radio Network

Kevin “Casey” Feeney ’06

THEN: Producer & host for SportsTalk Philadelphia and director for SportsLine

NOW: Producer at NBC Sports Philadelphia

Justin Daniels ’04

THEN: Producer & host of SportsTalk Philadelphia

NOW: Producer/editor for the MLB Network

Cali Montana ’19

THEN: Producer/anchor/reporter for LTV News

NOW: Reporter for KOTA Territory News, SD

Helen Starrs ’19

THEN: SportsLine producer/director

NOW: Daybreak producers at KIMT-TV in Rochester, MN

Teagon Lamon ’19

THEN: SportstLine producer/anchor

NOW: Video department at the Philadelphia Eagles

Samantha Mabin ’17

THEN: Future Leaders In Philadelphia producer/director

NOW: News producer at 13 NewsNow - WVEC, Norfolk, VA

Caitlin Pajus ’18

THEN: Community Links producer/host and LTV News interview host

NOW: Writer at Fox News, NYC

Brenna Devanney ’15

THEN: Backstage Pass producer/host

NOW: Producer for Fox News Edge, NYC

Ryan McCarthy ’07

THEN: Backstage Pass producer & host

NOW: Executive Producer at WBAL-TV11 in Baltimore, MD

Kelsey Kilgore ’15

THEN: Backstage Pass and Bridging the Gap producer

NOW: Project manager at LevLane Advertising

Matt DeLucia ’07

THEN: Focus on Philly and SportsLine producer & host

NOW: News reporter at NBC10 in Philadelphia, PA

Meredith Marakovits ’05

THEN: SportsTalk Philadelphia host

NOW: NY Yankees clubhouse reporter for YES Network

Kathy Reynolds ’98

THEN: Healthy Neighborhoods producer & host

NOW: Asst. News Director / Multi-Platform Storytelling Lead for WUSA-9, Washington D.C.

Justin Walters ’12

THEN: SportsLine producer & host

NOW: Sports Director/Anchor at WRNN-TV/Verizon FiOS 1 News in New York