New Faces In Coaching

Fall brings the promise of new students and new beginnings. But this year, new Explorers are popping up in more places than in the classroom. The Athletics Department has not only welcomed promising new athletes, but an elite coaching staff as well. Two high profile coaches join the ranks of our baseball and basketball families as Explorers wait in anticipation for the seasons to begin.


miller_iFormer All-American at Clemson University and Major League Baseball first-round draft pick David Miller joined La Salle as the 10th-ever head coach in La Salle baseball. With an extensive playing history and a notable coaching career, Miller has the capacity and skill to turn men’s baseball into a powerhouse team.

“Playing for 13 years as a professional athlete,” says Miller, “I was given the opportunity to learn from some of the best players and coaches the game has ever seen.”

His deep understanding of the game and personal experience make Miller well-equipped to lead the Explorers to victory. And like any great coach, Miller wants his players to be victors in more places than on the field.

“There is more to life than baseball. These kids are here to grow and become amazing young men and I want them to get a top notch education, become the best baseball players they can be, but more importantly I want to give them an opportunity to be successful in life.”

Making his transition from Penn Charter School where he led The Quakers to 84 wins and a ranking on USA Today’s national top 25, Miller is no stranger to helping boys grow into versatile young men.

With Coach Miller leading them, Explorers baseball has a bright season ahead.

“To be a part of a University that takes pride in their athletic teams will only motivate me more to make the school, the community, and the alumni proud.”


carr_iExplorers always find their way home. That’s why it’s no surprise that one of the new faces in La Salle coaching is a g rad of our own. La Salle and Big 5 Hall of Famer, Donnie Carr, ’00, is has returned to our beloved campus as the assistant men’s basketball coach. Carr brings a well-rounded viewpoint of what it takes to make a great team with storied La Salle court experience, as a professional player overseas, and as a coach.

“As a former player,” Carr says,“I think my connection to the University is a unique one that allows me to merge my coaching background with the basketball knowledge I have acquired over my many years of dedication to the sport.”

Carr recognizes that being a coach means more than running drills and making plays. He has made a commitment to bettering his players in all ways.“My goal is to be an asset to the program by recruiting, developing players and mentoring 24/7.”

And leading by example he aims to learn as much as possible from his colleagues and mentors as well. “I just hope to be a sponge to one of the best coaches in the country [Dr. John Giannini] and his staff, as well as the players and everyone in and around the program. I also hope to contribute to the family atmosphere that is so evident on campus.”

On his ultimate goal this season, Carr says it is, “To win as many games as possible by getting better daily, both individually and collectively.”